The annual Southeast Diplomatic Marathon* consists of a series of meetings with diplomats representing nations across the world over the course of a two day period. It is an opportunity for AJC leaders to help shape the international debate on our most pressing concerns. Issues of greatest importance to AJC - advancing Israel's standing in the community, the alarming global rise in antisemitism, countering the spread of radicalism and extremism - are all discussed and debated during the marathon.

AJC's unparalleled access to foreign diplomats provides Jewish leaders within the community an opportunity to have a voice in the crafting of international policies that affect all Jews. With Israel facing both intensified terrorist threats and political challenges, and antisemitism rising to new levels across Europe and Latin America, it is clear that AJC's advocacy in the global arena is more vital than ever. During these troubling times for the State of Israel and Jews around the world, it is increasingly important for AJC to communicate with international leaders and representatives.

*The Southeast Diplomatic Marathon is a Marshall Society program. The Marshall Society honors AJC supporters who generously contribute $1,250 or more to AJC's Annual Campaign. The ACCESS Marshall Society honors AJC supporters ages 21-40 who generously contribute $625 or more to AJC's Annual Campaign.

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