Africa Institute

The AJC Africa Institute connects the American Jewish community with the African continent.

Based in Johannesburg, the AJC Africa Institute forges ties between the American Jewish community and senior African government officials and civil society leaders. Our diplomatic missions educate American Jewish leaders about Africa, raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing the continent and introducing them to their African counterparts who share common goals. 

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AJC on the Ground

Since its founding in 2006, the AJC Africa Institute has established lasting ties with civil society and governments in Africa, as well as with African Diasporas in the United States, on the basis of shared values and mutual understanding.

The Institute has helped African Diaspora communities in America interpret their countries to U.S. audiences and leverage their successes in America to benefit their homelands. Moreover, the Institute advocates policy on issues affecting Africa, such as development, governance, and human rights, before the U.S. Congress, the administration, and foreign governments.

Most recently, the Institute has pioneered advocacy for Israel’s reengagement with Africa, linking American and Israeli development specialists with their African counterparts to empower them with international expertise and capital.

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