AJC’s Guides for America on Countering Antisemitism

AJC’s Guides for America
on Countering Antisemitism

American Jewish Committee’s Task Force to Implement the U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism is leading the way in helping all sectors of society utilize the U.S. Action Plan. Our Task Force has developed multiple guides to help government officials, civil society leaders, educators, and more integrate recommendations from the National Strategy into practice. You can view and download each of our Task Force Guides below. 


Download the Guides

Photo of the Capitol Building
Congress: Focus on Education
Photo of Torah
Rabbis and Congregations
Photo of a main street with American Flags
County Officials
Photo of a college campus
Higher Education Administrators
Missouri State Archive
State Legislators
Photo of a school
Independent School Administrators
School Bus
Public School Administrators
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