Where’s the Outrage? The Normalization of Antisemitism - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
From neo-Nazis marching in the U.S. to horrific jihadist attacks on European soil, antisemitism persists. One element, though, seems to be missing in the response: outrage. Join AJC CEO David Harris, one of the Jewish world’s leading experts on global trends, as he examines the dangers of what he has called “the growing normalization of antisemitism.”
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Interreligious Relations

Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council Launches Digital Initiative to Counter Hate and Division
The first in a series of short videos to foster awareness of Jewish and Muslim contributions to American society was released today by the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council (MJAC). The videos and other stories of Muslim-Jewish cooperation will be promoted on MJAC’s new Facebook (@MJACAdvocacy) and Twitter (@Muslim_Jewish) pages, also unveiled today.
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Human Rights

Why The Armenian Genocide Matters Today
President Biden’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide was a groundbreaking event, one that American Jewish Committee had been advocating for over many decades. AJC CEO David Harris explains in his latest oped in The Times of Israel why acknowledging what happened to the Armenian people in 1915 is important, why the Jewish people care so much about historical truth, especially regarding genocide, and why more countries around the world should join those who have called the mass murder of Armenians by its rightful name.
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