Radicalism & Extremism

Is Hezbollah a Threat to Europe?
The question of the designation of Hezbollah by European countries and by the EU is partly a question of reconciling the law with the facts. But it will remain ultimately a question of politics. As such, any decision regarding its status should be part of a broader diplomatic and/or counterterrorism strategy.
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Why are Student Governments Obsessed with Israel? - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Student government should be an opportunity to develop leadership skills, work with diverse groups of student leaders to improve campus life, and plan fulfilling programs for one’s peers. So why does it seem like many student governments have become little more than a platform for constant vilification of Israel, and of Jews for supporting the Jewish state?
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Human Rights

JBI Report Urges Global Response to Antisemitism and its Human Rights Impact Six Months After Landmark UN Report
The report, Antisemitism: A Persistent Threat to Human Rights, and its annex survey incidents of antisemitic expression and violence in countries around the world from October 2019 to April 2020, both before and since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The JBI report comes six months after an unprecedented report by a United Nations expert recognizing global antisemitism as a serious human rights challenge.
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