4 Takeaways from Chancellor Merkel’s Trip to Israel
After German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s latest visit to the Jewish state, AJC Jerusalem Director Avital Leibovich and AJC Berlin Ramer Institute Director Deidre Berger, answered key questions about the relationship between the German leader and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and what’s next for Germany-Israel ties.
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Radicalism & Extremism

Hezbollah’s Criminal and Terrorist Operations in Europe
Dr. Matthew Levitt, the Fromer-Wexler fellow and director of the Reinhard program on counterterrorism and intelligence at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, details the worldwide operations of the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah since the organization was partially designated a terrorist organization.
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Interreligious Relations

Islam and Religious Freedom
All faiths and religious practices are under assault when anti-Muslim advocates pretend that Islam is not a religion and use this fallacious argument to deny American Muslims the rights extended to Americans of all faiths.
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