Radicalism & Extremism

Europe: Do the Right Thing on Hezbollah
We have the remarkable situation that the U.S., Canada, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, the Arab League, and the GCC, joined most recently by Argentina and the United Kingdom, all agree on the true nature of Hezbollah, yet the EU stands oddly apart.
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Anti-Israel Activists On Campus Have Made Ignorance A Virtue
These incidents join a growing list of anti-Semitic episodes targeting Jewish students at institutions of higher education. But even worse, the episode at McGill shows how students aren’t just barring attachment to Israel; they are barring learning about it at all, for the simple reason that exposure to Israel inevitably means abandoning the good vs. evil narrative that prevails in progressive spaces.
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Interreligious Relations

AJC Facilitates Groundbreaking Muslim-Jewish Encounter at Yeshiva University
American Jewish Committee (AJC), a longstanding pioneer in interreligious relations, organized this groundbreaking encounter, the first of its kind bringing together mainstream American Muslim religious leaders and American Modern Orthodox Jewish institutions.
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