AJC battles the insidious BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement on multiple fronts.

BDS markets itself as a non-violent movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel to get it to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders. While many rank and file members of the movement sincerely want peace and are lured in by this human rights façade, BDS leadership in fact seeks nothing less than the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state. 

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AJC's Involvement

AJC exposes the sinister reality of the BDS movement. We spearhead anti-BDS legislation at all levels of government and rally elected officials to reject the boycott movement. And through AJC Project Interchange, we foster truth and counter anti-Israel rhetoric by giving influential figures the opportunity to experience the reality of Israel firsthand.

AJC combats the efforts of BDS extremists by engaging thought leaders in every segment of society that BDS targets. Aware that BDS activists may someday seek to promote legislation at the state level to facilitate a boycott, we convinced the governors of all 50 states to declare their opposition to BDS. We were also a driving force behind anti-BDS legislation in California and Illinois.

As the BDS movement has surged on campus, we have brought dozens of university presidents to Israel and trained hundreds of students as advocates for Israel. And with BDS proponents pushing for Christian denominations to join a boycott of Israel, we have marshalled our allies in the Christian world to oppose such efforts.

AJC advocacy has cut off BDS at every turn, ensuring that the anti-Israel forces behind the movement will never achieve their goals.

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