AJC Berlin

The AJC Berlin Ramer Institute is a pioneer in the field of German-Jewish relations.

The Institute works in close partnership with German governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote transatlantic relations, enhance German-Israeli ties, combat antisemitism and extremism, and foster dialogue on AJC’s core priorities.

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AJC's Involvement

AJC was among the first Jewish organizations anywhere in the world to engage with the Federal Republic of Germany after WWII. It did so in the belief that the best way to fully banish the forces of fascism was to help strengthen democracy and foster a spirit of pluralism and diversity. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, AJC supported German unification, placing its trust in the spirit of reconciliation and friendship that marks German-Jewish relations today.

In 1998, AJC opened the Berlin-based Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations, making AJC the sole American Jewish organization with a permanent presence in Berlin. Since then, AJC Berlin has become a crossroads for transatlantic dialogue in the heart of Europe, working with German, European, American, and Israeli partners. The Institute’s work is supported by a German-American Advisory Board comprised of AJC leadership and distinguished U.S. and European figures.

AJC Berlin engages in high-level leadership exchanges and missions that reinforce American Jewish-German relations and foster a greater understanding of Israel. Since 1980, AJC has conducted an annual leadership exchange program with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the longest-running program between a German foundation and an American-Jewish organization. In addition to bringing German opinion leaders to Israel through AJC’s Project Interchange, AJC Berlin also works closely with AJC’s ACCESS program to bring together young American Jewish and German professionals. AJC Berlin holds an annual seminar with the German Armed Forces to expose officers at German training academies to Jewish life in Berlin and Israel.

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