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Supporting Germany’s unique responsibility toward the Jewish people.

As a European leader, Germany is a key ally in the fight against antisemitism and guides Europe’s relationship to Israel and the United States. AJC Berlin is building off decades of cooperation to fight antisemitism and extremism in Germany, promote continued transatlantic cooperation, and ensure commitment to Israel’s security.

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AJC's Involvement

American Jewish Committee (AJC) was the first global Jewish organization after WWII to engage with the Federal Republic of Germany. It did so in the belief that the best way to fully banish the forces of fascism was to help strengthen democratic practices and values. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, AJC again took the lead as the first Jewish organization to support German unification, believing in the spirit of reconciliation and friendship.

With this history, AJC opened the Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute in 1998, making AJC the first American Jewish advocacy organization with a permanent presence in Berlin. The institute has since established a broad network of governmental and civil society partners that are committed to transatlantic cooperation, the special relationship to Israel and fight against antisemitism. 

Through high-level leadership exchange programs, public conferences, political advocacy, media presence, and educational material, AJC Berlin helps ensure that Europe and Germany remain a home for the Jewish people, a friend of Israel, and an indispensable ally of the United States. 

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