Human Rights

AJC fights to protect human rights and prevent genocide.

AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI) works to combat religious intolerance, end torture, and oppose all forms of discrimination, issues of central importance to the Jewish community and beyond. We protect human rights around the world by engaging with governments, diplomats, the United Nations and other international organizations, and civil society partners.

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AJC's Involvement

Our commitment to human rights dates back to AJC’s establishment in 1906. In 1945, at the founding conference of the United Nations, AJC leaders such as Jacob Blaustein and Joseph Proskauer were official NGO consultants to the U.S. delegation. They successfully pressed for the UN Charter to include guarantees for international human rights.

Today, AJC promotes human rights primarily through JBI. Since its inception in 1971, JBI has conducted and supported original research and policy analyses of central issues in the field. Working through international organizations, we seek to counteract the indifference that can lead to atrocities and genocide. JBI activities also target the policies of individual governments.

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