Interreligious Relations

AJC builds powerful coalitions with religious leaders and their communities worldwide.

AJC has a long and successful history of building strong relationships with other religious groups. Locally, nationally, and internationally, we partner with Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain communities to combat antisemitism and religious extremism. Creating strong coalitions enables us to cultivate support for democracy and pluralism, defend Israel’s place in the world, and safeguard freedom of worship for all.

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AJC's Involvement

The global leader in interfaith engagement, AJC cultivates respected and respectful alliances at the highest levels of national and international religious leadership. Through partnerships and coalitions, we combat antisemitism as well as hatred targeting other religious and ethnic groups. Our advocacy on behalf of others emerges from Jewish values and principles.

AJC represents the Jewish people at interfaith meetings and events in churches, mosques, temples, and seminaries. We educate about Judaism and the Jewish people, promote the values of religious diversity, and build coalitions across religious boundaries to counter the spread of radicalism and extremism.

Through publications, press releases, op-eds, and social media, we advocate for religious pluralism and inform the world of significant events that affect religious communities locally, nationally, and globally.

Our global infrastructure—with interreligious bureaus in Rome and Jerusalem and strategic partnerships with Jewish communities around the world—empowers our members to be interreligious diplomats in support of Israel and for the Jewish people around the globe.

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