AJC believes the struggle against radicalism is an imminent threat, and a battle we must win.

To prevail in the fight against terrorism, AJC fights the spread of extremism in the Middle East, in Europe, and around the world. We shine a harsh spotlight on Iran’s role as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror, promote counter-radicalism programs, and call out nations that subsidize the Palestinian leadership’s money-for-terrorism scheme. 

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AJC's Involvement

A major part of AJC’s commitment to halting and rolling back the spread of radicalism and extremism is confronting Iran’s support for terrorism. Since the Iran nuclear deal took effect, too many countries have rushed to embrace Iran and welcome it back to the community of nations. Tehran has continued its support for terror, its efforts to destabilize the already volatile Middle East, and its alliance with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. AJC offices around the world, including in Europe, have pushed for increased measures and sanctions to stop this destructive behavior.

AJC advocates for the European Union to label Iran’s main terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, as a terrorist organization. We support counter-radicalism programs in prisons, religious academies for imams, and community centers, and we raise awareness in Europe, through major conferences and public opinion surveys, of the threat to democratic values posed by the rise of radical Islam and extremist right-wing political parties.


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