Israel will never stand alone as long as we
stand alongside her.

At 6:30 a.m., October 7, Hamas, the Iran-backed terror group controlling Gaza, launched an unprovoked and vicious surprise attack on Israel. Visit for more resources.

Around the world—from the hallways of the UN in New York, to the corridors of the European Union in Brussels, and to the countries of Asia—American Jewish Committee (AJC), the global advocacy organization for the Jewish people, advocates for Israel at the highest levels. And when Israel is under assault, whether from the terrorist organizations on her doorstep or the global BDS movement, AJC helps bring the world the truth about Israel.



We work proactively around the world to expand Israel’s ties with strategically important countries, strengthening relationships and identifying new areas for cooperation. We counter assaults on Israel’s right to exist, whether they arise on campuses, in multinational bodies, or anywhere else. And we advance Israeli-Arab peace prospects and strengthen American Jewry’s ties to the Jewish state.

AJC is changing opinions about Israel, forming coalitions, and identifying the next frontier of Israel advocacy.

Project Interchange

For 35 years, AJC has presented a more accurate picture of Israel through Project Interchange, which has brought over 6,000 influential figures—elected officials, UN ambassadors, journalists, university presidents, and civic and religious leaders from all over the world—to Israel, so they can experience the country firsthand.

AJC Jerusalem

AJC’s Jerusalem office engages with top Israeli leaders to forge partnerships throughout Israeli society. We are active in diplomacy, interreligious relations, and strengthening bonds between Israelis and American Jews. The Jerusalem office also serves as a base for AJC’s ongoing outreach to diplomatic representatives of key countries posted in Israel.

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