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The Plight of the Uyghurs in China: A Conversation with Nury Turkel - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
An estimated 1-3 million Uyghurs have been detained in “reeducation camps” in China, escalating decades of repressive policies targeting the Uyghur religious and ethnic minority. Join us for a conversation with U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Commissioner Nury Turkel on the plight of the Uyghurs and Turkel’s advocacy efforts on this issue.
AJC Opposes Proposed Regulations, Calls for U.S. to Respect Rights of Asylum-Seekers
American Jewish Committee (AJC) today called on U.S. federal agencies to ensure that any changes to the U.S. asylum system respect the universal right to seek asylum and the prohibition on returning people to places where they face persecution or torture. An official comment by AJC and its Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights calls on U.S. agencies to withdraw a sweeping set of changes they have proposed to implement to the U.S. asylum system.
On UN’s 75th Anniversary, AJC’s Essential Advocacy for Human Rights in UN Charter Detailed in New Publication
Authored by Felice Gaer, Director of AJC's Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI), the report details the AJC efforts, led by AJC President Judge Joseph Proskauer and Jacob Blaustein, Chair of AJC’s Executive Committee, to ensure that the preeminent multilateral organization to emerge from the ashes of the Holocaust would have human rights at its core.
What to Read or Watch on Racial Justice and Jews
AJC offers ten pieces of literature, journalism, and film to help American Jews understand how our nation got to this point, how to make sure the senseless slaughters of African Americans end, and how American Jews can join the fight. 
The Ongoing Struggle for Racial Justice in America: A Conversation with Lonnie G. Bunch III – AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Lonnie G. Bunch III, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Founding Director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and AJC Project Interchange alumnus joins us for a comprehensive discussion on race relations in the United States.
AJC Calls for Inclusive Transition in Sudan, Accountability for Deposed President Omar al-Bashir
American Jewish Committee (AJC) strongly supports calls for establishing an inclusive civilian government in Sudan that supports human rights, the rule of law and democratic freedoms for all.
AJC Urges UN Secretary General to Publicize Findings of Myanmar Inquiry
AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI) and several other key Jewish organizations have sent a letter to the UN Secretary General welcoming the internal inquiry into UN activities in Myanmar since 2011.
AJC Remembers Rwanda Genocide Victims on 25th Anniversary
AJC remembers with profound sorrow the brutal murder of over 800,000 Tutsis, moderate Hutus, and others in a 100-day campaign of horrific violence that began 25 years ago this month.
At United Nations Holocaust Remembrance event, the Jacob Blaustein Institute Points to Hate and Antisemitism as Human Rights Challenges
The Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI) of AJC partnered with the United Nations’ Holocaust Outreach Program to co-sponsor a screening and panel discussion of the film “Who Will Write Our History,” a documentary about the secret archive of first-hand accounts from the Warsaw Ghetto and the extraordinary people who created it, documenting the horrors of the Holocaust.
AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute Launches “Independent Insights: UN Special Rapporteurs Up Close”
“The series helps explore the critical roles of special rapporteurs, the rationale and strategy behind their country visits and how to make them more effective,” said JBI Director Felice Gaer. Rapporteurs have been called “the eyes and ears” of the UN human rights system.
AJC Urges UN Security Council to Protect Myanmar’s Rohingya Population
AJC welcomes the UN report on genocide committed against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar and urges the UN Security Council to take concrete action to implement the report’s recommendations.
Felice Gaer, Director of AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute, Receives JTS Honorary Doctorate
Felice Gaer, Director of AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI), received an honorary degree from the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) today in recognition of her steadfast advocacy on behalf of international human rights causes.
AJC, Jacob Blaustein Institute Urge U.S. Action on Burma
AJC and its Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI) joined 56 other NGOs in a letter to Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin urging U.S. action in response to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma.
In the Face of Tragedy, the Jewish Community of Puerto Rico Makes a Difference
It's been over a month since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, but the hardships facing the residents are far from over. Today, 85 percent of the island remains without electricity, telecommunications are cut, basic goods are scarce, and the economy is plummeting. Amid the devastation, the Jewish community has emerged as a bastion of support. With a little more than 1,500 members in a general population of 3.4 million, this small but active community has mobilized its own resources and those of Jewish organizations in the United States to help their neighbors in need.
AJC Supports IsraAID Relief Efforts in Nepal
AJC, the global Jewish advocacy organization, is supporting IsraAID in responding to the devastating floods and landslides that left at least 120 dead and affected over six million people in Nepal.
AJC Donation Aids Internally Displaced Syrians
AJC is partnering with Israeli Flying Aid to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to Syrians who were forced from their homes by the civil war and are living elsewhere in the country.
Don't Forget Syria
The sixth anniversary of the outbreak of Syria’s civil war passed this month as routinely as the previous five.
AJC Deeply Concerned by New DHS Immigration Guidelines
AJC expressed deep concern over the new and sweeping immigration enforcement policies announced this week by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
AJC Statement on Trump Administration Refugee Policy
AJC views with profound concern the Trump Administration’s plans to pose unjustified new obstacles in the path of refugees and asylum seekers. Such actions reinforce anti-Muslim stereotypes and run contrary to international perceptions of a compassionate America.
The United Nations Addresses Antisemitism as a Human Rights Issue: A Historic Achievement
A historic United Nations report on global antisemitism was published by the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, in late 2019. It is the first-ever stand-alone human rights report dedicated solely to antisemitism. The report documents rising antisemitic violence and hate speech around the world, identifying it as a threat to Jews and as “toxic” to democratic societies.
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