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AJC Brief Calls on Court to Uphold Arizona Anti-BDS Law
AJC is calling on a federal court to uphold an Arizona law supportive of the state’s relations with Israel and to oppose efforts to declare the measure unconstitutional.
Leader of Chile’s Jewish community: “President Piñera will seek improved ties with the state of Israel”
Former President Sebastián Piñera won Chile’s presidential election on Sunday, December 17. His triumph demonstrates a turn towards the center-right in a region that has been dominated by leftist movements for over a decade. In 2012, Piñera became the first Chilean president to visit Israel, a fact that sets great expectations for the future of bilateral cooperation.
How Jews on the left and the right are empowering BDS
The BDS debacle at the University of Michigan proved once again that Jews can be their own worst enemies.
AJC Empowering Youth On Israel Advocacy
Jewish college students need to be better prepared to discuss Israel before they arrive on campus. That's why AJC designed Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) - a program aimed at empowering a new generation of young Jewish leaders to advocate on behalf of their community, and to do so thoughtfully.
AJC Appalled by Treatment of Jews at Chicago Gay Pride Parade
AJC is appalled that several Jewish participants in a gay pride parade in Chicago were told to leave the event because their flags had the Jewish Star of David.
AJC Ad Salutes Unanimous Support of U.S. Governors for Israel, Opposition to BDS
A full-page AJC ad in today's Wall Street Journal salutes the nation’s 50 governors and the mayor of the District of Columbia for joining an AJC initiative to affirm their rejection of the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement against Israel.
AJC Applauds the Passage of Anti-BDS Legislation in Texas
AJC applauded final adoption of the Texas anti-BDS bill today in the state legislature.
AJC Questions Ban on BDS Proponents Entering Israel
AJC is troubled by a new law, adopted by the Knesset yesterday, that will bar foreign nationals who have publicly expressed support for boycotting Israel or who work on behalf of organizations supporting the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement from entering Israel.
AJC Welcomes MLA Rejection of Proposal to Boycott Israel
AJC welcomed the rejection today by the Modern Language Association (MLA) of a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions.
AJC Welcomes Modern Language Association Rejection of BDS Measure Targeting Israel
AJC welcomes the Modern Language Association (MLA) membership rejection of a vicious resolution targeting Israel.
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