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The Implications of the Taylor Force Act
The signing of the Taylor Force Act into law last week should have come as no surprise to the Palestinian leadership.
AJC Welcomes Congressional Adoption of Taylor Force Act
AJC welcomes passage of the Taylor Force Act, bipartisan legislation that aims to end the Palestinian Authority’s abhorrent practice of rewarding terrorists. The legislation is included in the omnibus appropriations bill adopted by the House and Senate.
Germany and Austria Respond to the Far-Right
In 2017, far-right parties rode a wave of anti-immigrant and xenophobic sentiment to new electoral heights across Europe.
Reactions to the Iran Protests
In this episode, we examine the surprisingly muted reaction in Europe and how the Iranian diaspora has responded.
How to Prevent the Next Mideast War
While the European Union’s soft power can’t stop conflicts, it could help prevent the outbreak of a new one—between Israel and Iran, aided by its proxy Hezbollah.
AJC Salutes House Passage of Taylor Force Act
AJC praised the U.S. House of Representatives for overwhelmingly passing the Taylor Force Act, legislation that will penalize the Palestinian Authority (PA) for diverting foreign aid to reward Palestinian terrorists.
The Terrorist Horror in Sinai and Its Strategic Implications
The worst terror atrocity in Egyptian history and among the bloodiest worldwide in the last decade was carried out during Friday prayers on November 24 at the Sufi mosque of al-Rawdah near Bir al-'Abd in northern Sinai.
Muslim Anti-Semitism Threatens France’s Democracy
For years, it has been nearly impossible to speak about French Muslim anti-Semitism.
AJC Decries Hateful Demonstrators on Poland's Independence Day
AJC is urging the Polish government to speak out clearly against rising hatred inspired by the country's far right.
In Barcelona just as in Israel
The same terrorist methods developed and used by the Palestinians against Israeli civilians for years are now being employed by ISIS against Europeans: car-rammings, stabbings, and suicide bombings in public spaces.
AJC Urges Poland to Apprehend Attackers of Israelis
AJC is urging the Polish government to use all available resources to apprehend and bring to justice the individuals responsible for violently attacking members of an Israeli soccer team.
AJC Condemns Fatal Terror Attack on Copts in Egypt
AJC condemned the murderous terror attack on a group of Coptic Christians in Egypt, which left at least 28 dead today on a road south of Cairo.
AJC Condemns Attack on Canada Mosque
AJC is appalled by the fatal attack on a Canada mosque that took place during evening prayers at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center.
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