Top Officials of 11 U.S. States Visiting Israel with AJC Project Interchange
A bipartisan delegation of Secretaries of State from across the United States are visiting Israel with the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) Project Interchange. The program features in-depth discussions on cybersecurity policies and practices at the state, local, and federal level as it relates to business services, election administration, and records management.
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Top 3 Takeaways from AJC’s Survey on Antisemitism in France
More than 70 years after the Holocaust, Jews across the European Union continue to be the target of discrimination, verbal, and violent physical attacks, including murder. AJC’s newly-released survey on antisemitism in France, carried out in partnership with the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol), presents the views of French Jews and society as a whole on the prevalence and evolution of antisemitism in French society.
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Radicalism & Extremism

Europe: Do the Right Thing on Hezbollah
We have the remarkable situation that the U.S., Canada, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, the Arab League, and the GCC, joined most recently by Argentina and the United Kingdom, all agree on the true nature of Hezbollah, yet the EU stands oddly apart.
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