What to Know About Hezbollah’s Escalation Against Israel
Amid the Israel-Hamas War, fears of a wider conflict with Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terror group in Lebanon, are increasing as cross-border fighting has intensified.

Urgent Briefing on the Situation in Israel - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
On April 13, Iran launched aerial attacks toward Israel, bringing tensions in the region to new heights. Join AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (res) Avital Leibovich and AJC Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer Jason Isaacson to discuss the unfolding situation and what it means for Israel.
Conversations About Israel Aren't Easy
Blissful ignorance is what has led to antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents on campuses, in the workplace and on the streets. Even Jews who live thousands of miles from Israel can feel like they are under siege.
Timeline: Key Events in the Israel-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The timeline here aims to address frequently asked questions about Israel's history and to help dispel misinformation about the events leading up to this point.
One Month Later: How October 7 "Changed the DNA" of Israelis Forever
AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich reflects on how Israel – which continues to be in a state of emergency – is grappling with one of the most unprecedented periods in its 75-year history.
Attack on Israel: Template language to request a statement from intergroup and other community partners
Letter requesting a statement on the crisis from interfaith and intergroup allies and other community partners, including language for a sample statement.
World Leaders Condemn Hamas Terror Attacks on Israeli Civilians
Leaders from around the world are speaking out against the terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas.
AJC Policy on UNRWA
American Jewish Committee (AJC) is outraged by the revelations that twelve employees of UNRWA – the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East – were involved in the horrific October 7 terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas against Israel.
AJC's Jason Isaacson on the Danger of Iran's Terror Proxies
Jason Isaacson, AJC Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer, spoke with India Today on how Iran’s extensive terror network threatens India, the entire region, and the world. Isaacson also discusses the importance of Israel defending itself and defeating Hamas.
Bring Hostage Evyatar David Back Home to Israel
Ilay David shares the gut-wrenching moments leading up to his brother's capture by Hamas terrorists on October 7.
What You Need to Know About the Iran-backed Terror Group Hamas and its Attack on Israel
On Saturday, October 7, Hamas, the Iran-backed terror group controlling Gaza, launched an unprovoked and vicious surprise attack on Israel. Here is what you need to know about Hamas and its attack on Israel. 
Meet the Brave Israeli Children Who Survived Hamas' Imprisonment
Of the hundreds taken hostage on October 7, many were children who experienced unspeakable horrors. Help American Jewish Committee (AJC) tell their stories and raise awareness for those still in captivity by watching and sharing videos about Abigail, Emily, and brothers Yagil and Or.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch on CNN: Terror Advocates Cannot Speak Freely on Campus Without Repercussions
AJC CEO Ted Deutch joined CNN's Jake Tapper to discuss how college campuses should foster open dialogue and ideas, not become a breeding ground to glorify Hamas' terror, silence Jewish voices, spew antisemitic tropes, or demonize the only Jewish state in the world.
Suggestions for Speaking about Social Media with Your Students
In light of the current social and political climate, it is essential to guide students on how to engage with social media when confronted with controversial issues. Encouraging responsible and thoughtful behavior in online interactions is crucial. Here are some recommendations to provide to students:
What Was the UN Partition Plan (Resolution 181) and Why Does it Matter Today?
On November 29, 1947, the United Nations voted for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine, calling for the formation of a Jewish state and an Arab state. The result? Jews accepted the deal, but Arabs rejected it. Now, 76 years later, here’s what you need to know about how the plan aimed for peace in the region.
AJC's Belle Yoeli on FOX 5: Israel Will Bring All the Hostages Home
Belle Yoeli, AJC Chief Advocacy Officer, makes it clear how Israel is different than Hamas terrorists: Israel values human life and every soul is precious.
Confronting Campus Antisemitism: An Action Plan for University Parents
AJC has created this action plan for parents of university students to use in confronting and preventing antisemitism in their school communities.
Think Israel Should Agree to a Ceasefire? Think Again.
On October 7th, Hamas killed, raped, tortured, and kidnapped Israeli civilians, including women and children. They take innocent Palestinians as human shields and prevent them from fleeing the combat zone.