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AJC Honors College Students Who Are Leading the Fight Against Antisemitism At Annual Conference
After a school year marked by rising antisemitism, protests extolling Hamas and other terrorists, and shocking harassment of Jewish students on college campuses across the United States and around the world, American Jewish Committee (AJC) today honored three student leaders representing outstanding campus organizations with the Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy at its annual Global Forum.
AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy: Noa Fay Remarks
Barnard/Columbia student Noa Fay accepts the Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy.
AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy: Hanna Veiler Remarks
Hanna Veiler accepts the Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy on behalf of the German Union of Jewish Students.
AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy Introduced by Bill, Susan, and Josh Greene
AJC presented its Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy to three outstanding organizations.
Concessions to Protesters Validate Their Tactics
Sara Coodin writes that college leaders should resist the temptation to reward student disruptors in the name of campus peace.
Hillel, AJC, UJA, Students to Administrators: Do Your Job, Keep Students Safe
Following a week filled with increasing threats, harassment, and violence directed at Jewish students at campus protests and encampments across the country, students from Brown, Columbia, and Rutgers demanded that university administrators better ensure the safety of Jewish students on campus. The students were joined by leadership from Columbia/Barnard Hillel, Hillel International, American Jewish Committee (AJC), and UJA-Federation of New York.
AJC and Hillel International Expand Partnership to Counter Antisemitism on Campus
American Jewish Committee (AJC) and Hillel International today announced that they are expanding their partnership to deepen the organizations’ critical work with college and university presidents and administrators to combat rising antisemitism on campus.
Every Young Person Can Be a Building Block for Peace in Israel and Beyond
Antisemitism is rising in America, both in our everyday interactions and online. The anti-Jewish discourse and violent incidents we have witnessed have been horrifying, and I, for my part, refuse to sit on the sidelines.
Suggestions for Speaking about Social Media with Your Students
In light of the current social and political climate, it is essential to guide students on how to engage with social media when confronted with controversial issues. Encouraging responsible and thoughtful behavior in online interactions is crucial. Here are some recommendations to provide to students:
K-12 Schools Must be Equipped to Fight Antisemitism
Since the Hamas attack on Israel, we have seen disturbing headlines, videos, and even arrests made on college campuses across the country due to an alarming surge in antisemitism. As we justifiably focus on how to ensure the safety of Jewish university students, we cannot forget the need to combat antisemitism in K-12 schools as well. 
Jewish Student Perspectives & the Current Campus Climate - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
AJC and Hillel International invite you to join student leaders from AJC’s Campus Global Board and Hillel’s Israel Leadership Network to hear their firsthand perspectives of life on campus since the start of this war. This webinar will be moderated by Hillel president Adam Lehman and feature a panel of four inspirational students from around the globe.
For Parents: Advocating for Effective Responses to the Israel-Hamas War - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
As we grapple with our horror and grief about the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, we find ourselves looking close to home at the educational spaces where our children spend their days. Join AJC's Director of the William Petschek Contemporary Jewish Life Department, Dr. Laura Shaw Frank, and Aaron Bregman, Director of High School Affairs, for a conversation about tools for engaging in productive discussions and making impactful change in your children's schools at this unprecedented time.
Voices from Campus - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Hear from AJC Campus Global Board Members Abe Baker-Butler (Yale), Ryan Kassanoff (American University), Lily Cohen (Northwestern University), and Eliza Ross (University of Chicago) as they share first-hand perspectives on the current situation on university campuses around the country.
Northwestern, UC Berkeley Students Receive AJC Award for Fighting Campus Antisemitism
Northwestern University students who worked with school officials to create a more inclusive environment for Jews on campus, and California law students who led the Jewish communal response to a coalition of student groups with anti-Zionist views, were honored by American Jewish Committee (AJC) today.
AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy presented by Lisa Pruzan and Charlie Pruzan
The AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy was presented by Lisa Pruzan, AJC Executive Council, and Charlie Pruzan, AJC Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) Alumnus to Lily Cohen and Ethan Less from Northwestern University Hillel, as well as Charlotte Aaron, Milton Zerman, and Hannah Krutsiansky from the Jewish Students Association at Berkeley Law.
AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy: Milton Zerman Remarks
At AJC Global Forum 2023, Charlotte Aaron, Milton Zerman, and Hannah Krutiansky, leaders of the Jewish Law Students Association at the UC Berkeley School of Law, received the AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy.
AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy: Lily Cohen Remarks
Lily Cohen, a student at Northwestern University, delivered remarks to the AJC Global Forum 2023 audience thanking American Jewish Committee for the AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy, and for its ongoing support.
The Future Is Bright for American Jewish Youth
The future is bright for young American Jews. Granted, my crystal ball isn’t totally accurate and I’m not into tarot cards. But I feel good about my prediction after spending a few days with a special group of high school students.
American Jewish Committee Criticizes University of Vermont Response to Antisemitism Complaints
The U.S. Department of Education has announced it will investigate a complaint that accuses the University of Vermont of not doing enough to clamp down on antisemitic activity on campus. AJC criticized the university for not addressing the concerns of Jewish students in a constructive manner.
American Jewish Committee Launches Campus Global Board to Broaden College Student Engagement
American Jewish Committee (AJC) launched today its Campus Global Board, an initiative to broaden the leading global Jewish advocacy organization’s engagement with college students around the world.

AJC Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy
AJC presented its Sharon Greene Award for Campus Advocacy to Indiana University Hillel, accepted by Kaylee Werner, Chair, Indiana University Antisemitism Prevention Task Force and Zach Kolozdski, Member, Indiana University Antisemitism Prevention Task Force. The award was also presented to the Hillels of Ukraine, accepted by Osik Akselrud, Director, Hillel of Central Asia and Southeastern Europe, Lesya Firsanova, Program Director, Hillel Kyiv; National University of Kharkiv Alumna and Olena Khalina, Event Manager, Hillel Kharkiv; Student, National University of Kharkiv.
Sharon Greene Award For Campus Advocacy: Indiana University Hillel and Hillel of Kharkiv
At AJC Global Forum 2022, AJC presented its Sharon Greene Award to Indiana University Hillel and the Hillels of Ukraine.
AJC Honors Hillel Chapters in Ukraine and Indiana for their Resilience and Fight Against Antisemitism
Hillel chapters in Kharkiv and Indiana University received the AJC Sharon Greene Award at AJC Global Forum.
Bonds and Divides: Surveys of American and Israeli Millennial Jews - Advocacy Anywhere
In February 2022, American Jewish Committee (AJC) surveyed nearly 2,000 American and Israeli millennial Jews with the goal of better understanding their experiences, attitudes, and opinions about Jewish identity, connection to Israel, and attachment to one another. Join AJC ACCESS Global Director Dana Steiner, AJC ACCESS Israel Manager Lironne Koret, and Opinion, Analytics, and Communications Strategist Philippe Assouline, as they unpack this data and analyze what it all means for the Jewish community.
The Disrupters of Antisemitism - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
AJC’s Disrupt Antisemitism Incubator awarded $50,000 to five young American Jews who have developed bold ideas to take on Jew-hatred locally, nationally, or virtually. Join two of the young and innovative award winners who are confronting a climate of antisemitism and anti-Zionism for an in-depth conversation.
Jew-Hate on Campus: Perspectives From Student Activists - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Join AJC’s Alexander Young Leadership Department and two Jewish student activists for a special Back to School Week edition of Advocacy Anywhere, where they share their perspective and advice on campus advocacy and combating antisemitism at their respective schools.
Memory in the Living Room (Zikaron BaSalon) - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
In this moving ACCESS New York and ACCESS Israel sponsored program, ACCESS leaders bear witness to a survivor’s testimony and recommit to the promise of “Never Again.”
Jewish Students on Campus: Three Leadership Stories - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
In recent years, Jewish student leaders have contended with an increasingly hostile campus environment. Join AJC as outstanding campus leaders discuss the challenges facing Jewish students on campus, and learn how these students are fighting back.
Shared Pride: A Conversation about Jewish Advocacy in the LGBTQ community - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Young LGBTQ advocates discuss the current landscape as Jewish LGBTQ advocates, successes and challenges in coalition building, and opportunities for the Jewish community to combat homophobia and transphobia.
A Nation Divided: Palestinian Views on War and Peace with Israel - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
A newly released study from David Pollock, Bernstein Fellow and director of Project Fikra at The Washington Institute, emphasizes trends in Palestinian attitudes toward Israel, the United States, and the peace process.
Accessing the EU: A Strategic Look at Advocacy on the Ground in Europe - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
This Remote ACCESS session features Daniel Schwammenthal, Director of AJC’s Brussels-based Transatlantic Institute (TAI), and Michael Sieveking, TAI Deputy Director, for a dynamic discussion about the role of Europe in the world, AJC’s critical advocacy work with the EU, and the state of the EU-Israel relationship.
Honoring Heroes of the Holocaust: A dialogue with actors Jesse Eisenberg and Bella Ramsey, and director Jonathan Jakubowicz from the film Resistance - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
In this exclusive Remote ACCESS pre-Global Forum program, actors and the director of the film Resistance discuss the necessity of preserving Holocaust memory, why the actors are passionate about the film and its meaning, and how film can help fight global antisemitism.
Why are Student Governments Obsessed with Israel? - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Student government should be a platform to improve campus life, and plan fulfilling programs for one’s peers. So why does it seem like many student governments have become little more than a platform for constant vilification of Israel?
Communities Under Quarantine: The Impact of Coronavirus on Muslim and Jewish Life in America - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
The pandemic has shut down our mosques and synagogues, bringing about a boom in digital gatherings, virtual prayer spaces and online learning. Are these changes fleeting responses to a crisis or will they fundamentally alter religious life?
Challenges to Democracy and Stories of Jewish Communal Resilience in Latin America - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
As countries adapt to changing political dynamics against the backdrop of COVID-19, what is at stake for the Jewish communities in Latin America?
Fighting Antisemitism while Protecting Free Speech on Campus - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
AJC Chief Legal Officer Marc Stern, and AJC U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism Holly Huffnagle, answer your pressing questions about freedom of speech and antisemitic voices on campus.
Remote ACCESS: The Significance of Sport in Diplomacy - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Sports can be viewed as a “great equalizer,” in that they can bring together people and communities in a way that sometimes cannot be achieved in traditional diplomacy.
National Politics on Campus...from a Distance: An AJC Town Hall with College Democrats and College Republicans - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Students hear directly from the top campus leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties. Mikaela Guido, President of College Democrats of America, and Chandler Thornton, Chairman of the College Republican National Committee, share their parties’ views on a range of important issues.
Remote ACCESS: Israel Unfiltered - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Hear Yael Mizrahi-Arnaud, Special Assistant to the Distinguished Fellow, at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Doreen Rosenblum, Assistant Director for Government and Diplomatic Relations at AJC Jerusalem, discuss their work in the Middle East, the complexities in the region, and all things Israel.
Campus Climate: Unpacking the American Student Experience - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
As the deadline nears for high school seniors to choose which college to attend, many students and their families are actively thinking about the college experience and what to expect.
Remote ACCESS: The Day After: The Economy of a Public Health Crisis - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Renowned economist and Professor, Leo Leiderman, Chief Economist, Bank Hapoalim and Tel Aviv University, discusses the economic realities and opportunities during and after COVID19.
Memory in the Living Room (Zikaron Basalon) - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Zikaron Basalon, "Memory in the Living Room," is an Israeli program featuring testimony from a Holocaust survivor and a brief discussion with a younger audience.
Remote ACCESS: Culinary Diplomacy with Chef Alon Shaya - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Remote ACCESS's pre-Passover cooking class features renowned celebrity chef Alon Shaya, cooking up delicious Passover eats and sharing his experience bringing Israeli cuisine to the mainstream, highlighting the importance of culinary diplomacy in 2020.
Remote ACCESS: Culinary Diplomacy with Chef Einat Admony - AJC Advocacy Anywhere
Live pre-Shabbat cooking class with renowned celebrity chef Einat Admony who will discuss her experience in bringing Israeli cuisine to the mainstream, her Iraqi and Moroccan heritage, and the importance of culinary diplomacy in 2020.
AJC ACCESS, HALC Leaders Visit Cyprus, Greece and Israel
AJC ACCESS and the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) are completing their inaugural joint mission to Athens, Nicosia and Jerusalem. Participants arrived in Israel today and will participate in the AJC Global Forum, taking place for the first time in Jerusalem
AJC Launches ACCESS Young Leadership Program in São Paulo, Brazil
ACCESS, AJC’s highly-acclaimed young leadership program, launched its newest global affiliate in São Paulo, home to a Jewish community numbering approximately 60,000.
An Easy Litmus Test For Monuments
Monuments are not mere markers of history; they are instruments of memory. Whom we choose to memorialize says a great deal about who we are as a people.
6 Tips for Navigating Campus Life as a Jewish Student
Embracing your Jewish identity while thriving on campus is an incredible journey, and we want you to know that American Jewish Committee (AJC) is here to support you every step of the way.
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