AJC’s Call to Action Against Antisemitism in America

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The numbers don’t lie: AJC’s 2021 State of Antisemitism in America report revealed that 90% of Jewish respondents believe antisemitism is a problem in the U.S. Four in ten American Jews changed their behavior at least once out of fear of antisemitism. When societies cannot protect their Jewish populations, they often fail to protect their democracy as well. What follows is a Call to Action Against Antisemitism in America that provides U.S. leadership in all sectors of society with the knowledge and tools to understand, respond to, and prevent antisemitism.

The time to act is now.


Our Leaders Must Act

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A Society-Wide Guide to
Address Antisemitism

To combat antisemitism, one must understand it. AJC’s 2021 State of Antisemitism in America revealed that more than one-third of Americans are not even familiar with what antisemitism is.

When antisemitism occurs, we all bear the responsibility to decry it. When everyone uses their voices to push antisemitism and those who espouse it to the fringes of society, America becomes a safer place not only for Jews, but for all.

Responding to the complex nature of this hatred requires a multi-pronged approach. AJC’s Call to Action Against Antisemitism in America calls for all facets of society to mobilize and unite to combat anti-Jewish hate.

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