Responding to Antisemitism

First and foremost, we all bear the responsibility to decry antisemitism. When everyone uses their voices to push antisemitism and those who espouse it to the fringes of society, America becomes a safer place not only for Jews, but for all.

AJC’s Call to Action Against Antisemitism in America

Responding to the complex nature of antisemitism requires a multi-pronged approach. Below is a top-line summary of the recommendations that are elaborated upon in linked sections.

  • Government leaders at the federal, state, and local levels must speak out. 
  • Congress should adopt legislation to enhance Jewish community safety, improve hate crimes reporting, and raise awareness of antisemitism. 
  • Law enforcement should work with the Jewish community when antisemitic crimes occur, increase security to Jewish institutions, and accurately record and report antisemitic hate crimes.
  • Social media companies have the responsibility to remove antisemitic content.
  • Media companies and journalists must accurately report on antisemitic incidents. 
  • Agencies, companies, organizations, and other entities should have transparent processes and procedures in place to report antisemitism to ensure efficient and effective responses and to ensure a safe environment for everyone, including Jews.
  • DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) initiatives should include information about Jewish diversity, Jewish inclusion, and antisemitism.
  • Partners and allies from religious, ethnic, and racial communities across the ideological spectrum should speak out in solidarity with the Jewish community and raise awareness about antisemitism within their own communities
  • Educational institutions have the responsibility to protect students, staff, and faculty from antisemitism, harassment, and hostile campus environment that are the results of real or perceived Jewish and/or pro-Israel identities.

Finally, everyone should be encouraged to report anti-Jewish incidents. In 2021, four in ten U.S. adults witnessed antisemitism, including negative remarks or online content about Jewish people. It is crucial to report these occurrences to authority figures, law enforcement or, if online, to the social media platform.

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