Media and Opinion Leaders

A photo of a journalist taking a photo on a Project Interchange delegation

Project Interchange provides prominent journalists and media leaders direct experience with the diverse perspectives found in Israel.

Project Interchange provides access to the multiple facets of Israeli society, showing Israel’s complexity, challenges, and entrepreneurial spirit. Through meetings with respected experts both in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Project Interchange provides unique insight into one of the most reported-on and complicated places in the world.

  • Journalists: All too often, journalists are asked to report on topics for which they lack both contacts and context, a particularly complicated challenge when it comes to the Middle East. Project Interchange provides interaction with experts with diverse perspectives who can provide trusted information and serve as future resources.
  • Editors and Publishers: Editors and publishers gain understanding of the crucial nuances and the broader context of Israel, which are critical for ensuring that their publications maintain the highest standards of accuracy and fairness.
  • Analysts and Commentators: On the ground, these participants are exposed to the broad spectrum of Israeli opinion on politics, government, and society. Through Project Interchange’s apolitical educational approach, analysts and commentators improve their ability to critically analyze the Middle East, Israel, and foreign policy.

Prominent Alumni

Project Interchange Alumnus Geeta Pandey

Geeta Pandey

BBC India

Project Interchange Alumnus Alberto Ibarguen

Alberto Ibarguen

CEO, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Former Publisher, The Miami Herald

Project Interchange Alumnus Fabricio Altamirano

Fabricio Altamirano

CEO, Altamarino Publishing

Project Interchange Alumnus Anna Sauerbrey

Anna Sauerbrey

Editorial Board Member, Der Tagesspiegel

The Impact of Journalist and Media Delegations in Israel

Each year, Project Interchange’s high-ranking delegations of international news editors, columnists, radio and television anchors, and media personalities return home and publish interesting, inspiring, and impactful content about Israel.

These journalists and media personalities utilize their newfound contacts and news sources for ongoing print, broadcast, and social media coverage of issues that both dominate and go beyond the headlines about Israel.

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