Civic and Religious Leaders

Photo of Delegates on tour

We connect civic, religious, and business leaders with experts and professional counterparts representing the multifaceted nature of Israeli society.

When AJC Project Interchange takes influential leaders from around the world to explore Israel’s democracy, multiculturalism, and innovation, it’s the beginning of a partnership that will ripple through each participant’s advocacy organization, church, mosque, or business.

Global leaders meet with Israeli experts, share best practices, form lasting relationships, and attain a first-hand perspective of the Jewish state in all of its complexity. Here are examples of civic, religious, and business leader delegations:

  • Civil Society Leaders: An intensive interactive experience for leaders from nonprofit and advocacy organizations, particularly representing Latino, Asian-American, Muslim, and African-American communities.
  • Faith-Based Community Leaders: Stemming from AJC’s long history of interreligious work, these delegations foster religious leaders’ understanding of one of the holiest places in the world.
  • Business Leaders: How did the “Land of Milk and Honey” become the “Innovation Nation?” Leaders from the business world explore Israel’s unique “start-up nation” ethos as seen through the lens of the Israeli hi-tech, medical, and agriculture industries.

Prominent Alumni

Photo of Lonnie Bunch III

Lonnie Bunch III

Secretary, The Smithsonian Institution

Photo of Sindy Benavides

Sindy Benavides

Executive Director, Latino Victory Project

Photo of Imam Talib Shareef

Imam Talib Shareef

President and Imam, The Nation’s Mosque

Photo of Düzen Tekkal

Düzen Tekkal

CEO & Founder, GermanDream and HÁ

The Impact of Civic and Religious Leaders Delegations in Israel

Israel has evolved from the "start up nation" to the "innovation nation." The impact of Project Interchange connecting business leaders, NGOs, and religious leaders to their Israeli counterparts provides solutions and best practices, and delivers Israeli problem-solving innovations that address critical and urgent needs for the betterment of communities world-wide.

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