An AJC Project Interchange delegation is a journey through both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state, accompanied by AJC staff who are experts in each respective field. Project Interchange is committed to open discussion and dialogue on issues facing Israel, including identity, geopolitics, religion, and Jewish life. Project Interchange participants will gain direct, in-depth insight into Israel’s diverse population, democratic system of government, complex strategic and social dilemmas, and vibrant culture through exposure to leading Israeli figures and experts, senior Arab-Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and visits to historic, strategic, and religious sites. Below is a sample Project Interchange itinerary, which gives an idea of topics discussed and the intensity of a typical Project Interchange delegation.


Sunday - Day 1  
Arrival to Israel  
Overnight: Tel Aviv  
Monday - Day 2  




Dinner with Ambassador or other Official

Overnight: Tel Aviv  
Tuesday - Day 3  
Overnight: Tel Aviv  
Wednesday - Day 4  
Overnight: Tel Aviv  
Thursday - Day 5  
Overnight: Jerusalem  
Friday - Day 6   

Simply impeccably organized—activities are richly informative and nicely balanced—business, security, humanitarian effort, the media. Great job in maintaining objectivity with regards to the issues between Israel and [the Palestinian Authority] and the Arab world.

2018 South Korean Leaders participant Youngshik Bong

Yonsei University Institute for North Korean Studies

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