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Project Interchange has achieved an international reputation as the premier forum for directly introducing diverse global thought leaders to Israel. Delegation participants gain newfound understanding of Israel and its people, the challenges it faces, Israel’s place in the world, its unique approaches to innovation, and its extraordinary accomplishments. By bringing leaders to Israel, AJC Project Interchange communicates the 70-year-old nation’s profoundly democratic character, complex security situation, and diverse and innovative society. To understanding one of the world’s most complicated countries, there is no substitute for first-hand experience.

Project Interchange is an educational, nonpartisan, and apolitical initiative built on the premise that Israel’s achievements, diversity, aspirations, and challenges require no intermediary. Project Interchange has brought more than 6,000 leaders from over 115 countries to Israel, where they have gained in-depth insight through direct engagement with senior Israeli, Arab, and Palestinian officials, business and civic leaders, and academics, and visits to historic and strategic sites.

The quality, integrity, and access of Project Interchange delegations to Israel are unmatched.

After visiting Israel with Project Interchange, participants routinely seek out partnerships with their Israeli counterparts, their local Jewish communities, and diverse ethnic and religious groups around the world. Mutually-beneficial outcomes have included business, academic, and research partnerships, as well as contacts between counterparts in their fields of expertise.

What Project Interchange is doing is phenomenal. It is an honor and great privilege to have been able to participate. I consider this to be one of the most fantastic opportunities I have had, and the experience will have a life-long impact professionally and personally. It is also helping me to determine what kinds of encounters we would like our students to have when they study abroad.

Sandra Wong

Dean of the College and Faculty, Colorado College (University Presidents, 2016)

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