Prominent Media

German Journalist Speaks Out on Antisemitism | Project Interchange
Patrick Gensing published a series of articles in on antisemitic conspiracy theories,
Nazi comparisons, and manipulated photos and video from the Israel-Hamas conflict.
The Washington Post Columnist Combats Antisemitism 
Max Boot wrote an op-ed in 2022 about Kyrie Irving's dangerous and antisemitic conspiracy theories.
Leading Indian Journalist Demonstrates Staunch Support for Israel | Project Interchange
Suhasini Haidar traveled with Project Interchange as a leading Indian journalist in 2016. In 2020 she published an article promoting the UAE-Israel agreement.
Latvian Journalist Spotlights Israel | Project Interchange
Ansis Ivans penned a series of reflections highlighting the strengths of Israel’s security infrastructure, which he witnessed while in Israel with Project Interchange and fellow Baltic opinion leaders.
Equity, Democracy, and Entrepreneurship, A View on Israel’s Successes | Project Interchange
José Manuel Restrepo, Project Interchange alumnus and Colombia’s Minister of
Commerce, Industry and Tourism wrote in El Espectador about Israel’s success in innovation and nation-building, and lessons that can be learned by Colombia.
Casualties from the Syrian Civil War Treated in an Israeli Hospital | Project Interchange
Indian journalist and Project Interchange participant Rezaul Laskar writes in the Hindustan Times about Israel’s Ziv Medical Center and its care of injured Syrians.

Award Winning News Series, “Israel: Much More Than War” | Project Interchange
Project Interchange participant Soledad Cedro filmed a five-part series broadcast in Spanish on AmericaTeve that showed other aspects of the country; a look into Israel’s reality.