University Leaders

Photo of a delegation of University Presidents on Project Interchange

Through AJC Project Interchange — university leaders, presidents, chancellors, provosts, and deans — delve into academic and research exchange opportunities and campus issues.

Project Interchange university leaders delegations connect participants with their Israeli counterparts to discuss best practices, develop bilateral research and exchange programs, and discuss important issues that often arise on campus. Delegations also travel to the Palestinian Authority, where they engage with Palestinian leaders.

Prominent Alumni

Project Interchange Alumnus Martha Pollack
Martha Pollack
President, Cornell University
Project Interchange Alumnus Michael Drake
Michael Drake
President, The Ohio State University
Project Interchange Alumnus, Mary Sue Coleman
Mary Sue Coleman
Interim President, University of Michigan
Project Interchange Alumnus Timothy White
Timothy White
Chancellor, California State University System

The Impact of University Leaders Delegations in Israel

University presidents, chancellors, provosts, and deans utilize their newfound contacts with their Israeli counterparts to foster mutually-beneficial academic and research exchange programs, build technology-transfer partnerships, and incorporate their deeper understanding of Israel and the region into programs and policies that benefit their campus communities.

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