Photo of UN Ambassadors walking through the Old City.

For AJC Project Interchange participants, the conclusion of the trip to Israel marks the beginning of an association with AJC and nearly 6,000 other alumni around the world. Project Interchange participants return to their communities with a desire to put their newfound understanding and relationships into action, and continue their involvement with AJC, Israel, and the Jewish community.

Project Interchange alumni can network with other alumni, receive invitations to exclusive local AJC events, are eligible to apply for an Alumni Venture Fund Grant, and have access to world-class experts on Israel and global issues.

Alumni from around the world build significant mutually-beneficial partnerships with their Israeli counterparts, and have become outspoken character witnesses for Israel both in their home communities and on the world stage.

There are many things that we can learn from Israel, and many of the strategies that I pursued as the 59th Mayor of Atlanta were informed by my Project Interchange experiences in Israel.

Kasim Reed

Former Mayor, Atlanta, Georgia


Photo of a delegation
Project Interchange awards a limited number of micro-grants up to $1,000 twice yearly to support impactful Israel-related projects and programs led by Project Interchange alumni.
Photo of Project Interchange Alumni at a networking event
Here’s how you engage with other alumni, AJC, and high-level experts.
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