Two Months After Brutal October 7 Attack by Hamas: A Tour of the Nova Festival Commemoration Site
To commemorate two months since Hamas' massacre, AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (res.) tours the Nova Festival Commemoration memorial in Tel Aviv. On October 7, 2023, terrorists murdered more than 360 innocent civilians at the festival near Kibbutz Re'im.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch on CNN: Terror Advocates Cannot Speak Freely on Campus Without Repercussions
AJC CEO Ted Deutch joined CNN's Jake Tapper to discuss how college campuses should foster open dialogue and ideas, not become a breeding ground to glorify Hamas' terror, silence Jewish voices, spew antisemitic tropes, or demonize the only Jewish state in the world.
One Month Later: How October 7 "Changed the DNA" of Israelis Forever
As Israelis mourn both the murders of more than 1,210 innocent Israelis by Hamas terrorists and the 137 people held hostage in Gaza, AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich reflects on how Israel – which continues to be in a state of emergency – is grappling with one of the most unprecedented periods in its 75-year history.
What Was the UN Partition Plan (Resolution 181) and Why Does it Matter Today?
On November 29, 1947, the United Nations voted for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine, calling for the formation of a Jewish state and an Arab state. The result? Jews accepted the deal, but Arabs rejected it. Now, 76 years later, here’s what you need to know about how the plan aimed for peace in the region.
AJC's Belle Yoeli on FOX 5: Israel Will Bring All the Hostages Home
Belle Yoeli, AJC Chief Advocacy Officer, makes it clear how Israel is different than Hamas terrorists: Israel values human life and every soul is precious.
Think Israel Should Agree to a Ceasefire? Think Again.
On October 7th, Hamas killed, raped, tortured, and kidnapped Israeli civilians, including women and children. They take innocent Palestinians as human shields and prevent them from fleeing the combat zone.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch Live from D.C.: "Am Yisrael Chai"
AJC CEO Ted Deutch is immensely proud to be in our Nation's Capital at the March For Israel, where he – alongside hundreds of thousands of advocates and allies – are standing in solidarity with the Jewish state, condemning rising antisemitism, and demanding the immediate release of all hostages.
Watch: How All Israelis are Affected by the Israel-Hamas War, A Tribute to Vivian Silver
AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich explains how deeply interconnected Israeli society is. Leibovich also shares a touching tribute to Vivian Silver, a devoted Canadian-Israeli peace activist who was murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch Debunks the Four Big Lies Spread by Hamas Supporters
AJC CEO Ted Deutch addressed Kabbalat Shabbat worshippers at Park Avenue Synagogue in New York City. Ted provided a line-by-line takedown of the four big lies spread by Hamas supporters on college campuses and around the world. Learn more about these antisemitic lies and tropes.
Being Antisemitic Does Nothing to “Free Palestine”
Here’s a tip to remember: being antisemitic does nothing to “free Palestine.”
WATCH: Israel is Not a Settler Colonial State. Here's Why.
What is a colonial state? Think Israel is a settler colonial state? Think again. Here are several reasons why that accusation is categorically false and how it denies the Jewish people's right to their ancestral homeland.
Julie Rayman on News Nation: The Dangerous Rise of Antisemitism and Misinformation
Julie Rayman, Managing Director, Policy and Political Affairs, joined News Nation to explain how despite positive strides and a National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, which AJC is leading the implementation of across all sectors of society, anti-Jewish hate in all its guises poses a dangerous threat to Jews everywhere.
Watch: Live from the Galilee: How Volunteers are Stepping up to Support the IDF
After spotting a tent near a gas station in the Galilee, AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich stopped by and met an inspiring group of volunteers who are lifting up the spirits of IDF soldiers.
The National Desk: AJC's Press Conference #BringThemHome
Families of those being held hostage by Hamas terrorists share their heartbreaking stories with Congress.
MSNBC: Israeli Hostage Families Call for Action on Capitol Hill
Families of those being held hostage by Hamas terrorists share their heartbreaking stories with Congress. As the global advocacy organization for the Jewish people, American Jewish Committee (AJC) helped mobilize this important event on Capitol Hill.
WATCH: AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich Welcomes Members of 7 European Parliaments and the EU to Israel
AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich is heartened by this week's solidarity mission from Members of 7 European Parliaments and the EU to the Jewish state. Leibovich provides a glimpse into the mission's agenda, including visiting families of hostages and a trip to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, a common target of Hamas rockets.
Hamas is Lying. Don't Trust Terrorists.
Don't believe Hamas’ lies and propaganda machine. The Iran-backed terrorist group, who is responsible for the October 7th massacre of innocent Israelis, must be condemned by all of society. Share the truth about their heinous acts today.
WATCH: How a Filipino Caregiver's Quick Thinking Saved an Elderly Israeli From Hamas
AJC Jerusalem Director Lt. Col. (Res.) Avital Leibovich recalls a powerful story of how a Filipino caregiver helped save the life of an elderly Israeli woman during Hamas’ brutal terrorist attack on October 7, 2023.
WATCH: From the River to the Sea - What Does it Mean?
Learn how From the River to the Sea and From the River to the sea Palestine will be Free an antisemitic, call-to-arms for pro-Palestinian activists and a rallying cry for terrorist groups and their sympathizers, from Hamas to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).
What is Hamas?
Take 60 seconds to learn how Hamas—the Iran-backed terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip—ruthlessly came to power, decries Israel's existence, and committed the most lethal attack on Jews since the Holocaust on October 7, 2023.