Combating Antisemitism on College Campuses--Like UPenn
For college students, campus is not just the center of their academic experience, it is also their home. While campuses should, of course, be places where principles of freedom of speech are honored, universities must speak out forcefully when hate descends on campus. University leadership must make clear that they do not condone any form of hate speech or bigotry, nor do they welcome it on campus.
Everything you need to know regarding the Palestine Writes event at Penn
This weekend’s Palestine Writes event at the University of Pennsylvania has caused a great deal of controversy. While the event’s stated aim is to celebrate Palestinian culture, it has become a platform for deeply problematic content, including speakers with well-established records of antisemitic rhetoric, along with programs and materials that present distortive and bigoted views of Israel and Zionism. This comes at a moment of heightened vulnerability for the Jewish community on campus after this week's antisemitic incident at Penn Hillel.
AJC Signs Open Letter on Palestine Writes Event at Penn and Calls for Additional Steps to Protect Jewish Students
American Jewish Committee (AJC) remains deeply disturbed by the inclusion of speakers with well-documented track records of spewing antisemitic venom at the Palestine Writes event at the University of Pennsylvania. AJC believes that the university and affiliated departments need to make clear that they will not be associated with an event that hosts such hateful speakers and will ensure a safe and welcoming environment for Jewish students. AJC also believes the university needs to closely examine the process by which such programs are endorsed and funded by the university or its departments. AJC continues to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community at Penn. AJC CEO Ted Deutch will join Penn Unity Shabbat on Friday night to stand with Penn’s Jewish community during this time and celebrate the resilience of these students in the face of antisemitic bigotry. 
AJC Statement on Palestine Writes Event at the University of Pennsylvania
Since this event was announced, American Jewish Committee (AJC) has been in close contact with Jewish students at the University of Pennsylvania, along with Jewish organizations on campus, and university administrators.