American Jewish Committee (AJC) remains deeply disturbed by the inclusion of speakers with well-documented track records of spewing antisemitic venom at the Palestine Writes event at the University of Pennsylvania. AJC believes that the university and affiliated departments need to make clear that they will not be associated with an event that hosts such hateful speakers and will ensure a safe and welcoming environment for Jewish students. AJC also believes the university needs to closely examine the process by which such programs are endorsed and funded by the university or its departments.

AJC continues to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community at Penn. AJC CEO Ted Deutch will join Penn Unity Shabbat on Friday night to stand with Penn’s Jewish community during this time and celebrate the resilience of these students in the face of antisemitic bigotry. 

Today, AJC added its name to an open letter to President Magill, which calls on the university to:

1. Issue a clear and unequivocal statement specifically denouncing the event’s platforming of known antisemitic speakers. 

2. Ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that the Festival does not use the University of Pennsylvania brand or indicate that the University of Pennsylvania in any way endorses or supports the event.   

3. Ask that the University of Pennsylvania departments and units co-sponsoring the Festival clarify what their co-sponsorship means and distance themselves from the antisemitic speakers who will be featured at the event.

4. Develop and implement mandatory antisemitism awareness training across the University, including in new student orientation programming and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) programming – for students, faculty, and staff. 

In signing the letter, AJC also calls on the University to ensure that Penn continues to be a safe and welcoming campus for Jewish students and supports a proud pro-Israel community by taking the following steps: 

  • AJC encourages President Magill to attend Unity Shabbat as a demonstration of solidarity with Penn’s Jewish community. 
  • AJC urges the university to ensure that campus security and other personnel are prepared to safeguard Jewish students during the Palestine Writes event, Unity Shabbat, as well as during the Yom Kippur holiday. 

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