Below is a draft resolution elected officials can use when acknowledging Jewish American Heritage Month. 

WHEREAS the United States has many heritage months that celebrate the various communities that form the mosaic of our country. By celebrating heritage months, we learn about one another, we honor the richness of our diverse nation, and we strengthen the fabric of American society; and 

WHEREAS since 2007, Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden have all issued proclamations for Jewish American Heritage Month, which celebrate Jewish Americans and encourage all Americans to learn more about Jewish heritage and contributions to the United States; and 

WHEREAS Jewish American Heritage Month has its origins in 1980 when Congress passed a resolution, which authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation designating April 21-28, 1980 as Jewish Heritage Week; and 

WHEREAS the American Jewish community dates back to 1654 when a group of 23 Jews fleeing persecution at the hands of the Portuguese Inquisition fled Brazil and found refuge in New Amsterdam (now New York). From that tiny group, the American Jewish community has grown to over six million, representing approximately 2% of the American population today; and 

WHEREAS over the past 369 years, Jewish Americans have given to their communities and this nation as loyal and patriotic citizens, always grateful for the safe harbor that America provided for them. Jewish Americans have served in government and the military, they have won Nobel prizes, headed universities and corporations, advanced medicine, created and performed in enduring works of performing and visual art, written great American novels, become emblems of justice as members of the Supreme Court, and so much more. American Jews have always pushed America to live up to its promise as a nation that upholds freedom and justice for all; and

WHEREAS now, American Jews are feeling vulnerable amidst a rise in antisemitism. AJC’s State of Antisemitism in America 2022 report revealed that 89% of Jewish respondents believe antisemitism is a problem in the U.S. Four in ten American Jews changed their behavior in at least one way out of fear of antisemitism; and 

WHEREAS the strength of a society can be measured by how they protect their minority populations, and celebrate their contributions, it is altogether fitting for the U.S. to once again mark May as Jewish American Heritage Month.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ___________, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim May 202__, as JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH in _________ and encourage all residents to recognize and participate in its observance.