Below please find sample social media language and a template press release to help you add your voice and celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month.

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Jewish American Heritage Month Graphic and Templates

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Jewish American Heritage Month Graphic (click here)

Template Social Media:

  • Over the past 369 years, Jewish Americans have contributed in countless ways to their communities and this nation. We appreciate their contributions. #JewishAmericanHeritageMonth
  • Jewish Americans have served in government and the military, won Nobel prizes, headed schools and corporations, advanced medicine, created and performed in enduring works of art, authored great American novels, sat on the Supreme Court, and much more. #JewishAmericanHeritageMonth
  • The U.S. has many heritage months to celebrate the communities that form our national mosaic. Jewish American Heritage Month facilitates education, honors the complexity and richness of our nation, and strengthens the fabric of American society.  #JewishAmericanHeritageMonth

Template Press Release:

[Elected Official] Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month

[Date, Place] - [Name of Elected Official] is honored to join the nation in celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month this May.

“Every May, we commemorate Jewish American Heritage Month to celebrate and honor the contributions of Jewish Americans in our history. Imbued with a legacy and collective memory of violent persecution across the globe, Jews have long found hope in America’s promise of freedom, justice, opportunity, and religious liberty. The heritage, culture, and contributions of the Jewish community adds to the diverse tapestry of American society” said [Name of Elected Official].

The first American Jews arrived in 1654 when a group of 23 men, women, and children fled Brazil due to persecution. For 369 years, Jewish Americans have been loyal and patriotic citizens, contributing to our nation in countless ways. American Jews have served in government and the military, won Nobel prizes, headed universities and corporations, advanced medical and healthcare, created and performed enduring works of art, written great American novels, become emblems of justice as members of the Supreme Court, and more. 

May was first proclaimed Jewish American Heritage Month in April 2006 by President George W. Bush. “As we honor the legacies and achievements of generations of Jews in America, we also must dedicate ourselves to learning about ongoing struggles with antisemitism in our society, and commit to mitigating this pernicious hate,” said [Name of Elected Official].