American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutch today sharply criticized Kanye West’s antisemitic statements, calling them “a clear and present danger to every Jewish person.” Deutch urged Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to keep West’s anti-Jewish hate off their channels.

“Although some have tried, there is no rationale, no explaining away Kanye West’s rants on social media for anything else than what they are: vicious antisemitic statements that pose a clear and present danger to every Jewish person,” said Deutch. “With 31 million followers on Twitter and 18 million more on Instagram, West is an influencer in the worst sense of the word. With his vile online comments, West effectively encouraged hatred against Jews at a time when antisemitism and other hate crimes have risen to alarming levels around the world. This cannot be countenanced. West has acknowledged he suffers from bipolar disorder, but mental illness is no excuse for antisemitism. Let’s hope he gets the help he desperately needs. Until then, Twitter, Instagram should follow their own guidelines prohibiting hate speech and keep West’s anti-Jewish hate off their channels.”

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