Kanye West

Take Action: 6 Ways to Combat Antisemitism after Kanye West’s Remarks
The fight against Jew-hatred doesn’t end with the rapper’s antisemitic tropes and conspiracies. There is more work to be done to combat the world’s oldest hatred. Here are six ways you can take action now.
AJC CEO Statement on Adidas Ending Partnership with Kanye West
American Jewish Committee (AJC), the leading global Jewish advocacy organization, issued a statement today welcoming the decision of Adidas to terminate its partnership with Kanye West today.
Unpacking the Origins of Kanye’s Antisemitism
Rapper Kanye West’s recent antisemitic outbursts during a primetime Fox News interview and on social media to his over 31 million followers have provided another example of the normalization of Jew-hatred in the American public sphere. AJC’s U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism Holly Huffnagle joins us to break down his vile statements and explain how they are part of longstanding rhetoric that targets Jews.  
5 of Kanye West’s Antisemitic Remarks, Explained
What did Kanye West say about the Jews? Kanye's antisemitism has run rampant. He has posted antisemitic tropes on his social media accounts, shared antisemitic conspiracy theories, and later, on social media, threatened violence against Jews. Learn more about what Kanye is saying about the antisemitism meaning and why people hate Jews.
AJC CEO Ted Deutch Statement on Kanye West’s Antisemitic Remarks
American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutch today sharply criticized Kanye West’s antisemitic statements, calling them “a clear and present danger to every Jewish person.” Deutch urged Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to keep West’s anti-Jewish hate off their channels.