Articles by Joel Schwitzer

When Anti-Israel Sentiment Crosses the Line Into Antisemitism
Jewish student leaders at the University of North Texas recently planned a walk on campus to amplify the plight of the 133 Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Hindu hostages — including six Americans — still being held captive by Hamas terrorists. While there, I didn’t see any signs for Israel Week programming (of which the walk was the kickoff event). I was told they had been snatched almost as soon as they had been placed.
If We Can’t Define Antisemitism, We Can’t Stop It
Let’s be absolutely clear. Any attack on a synagogue is an expression of antisemitism. Full stop. The Colleyville synagogue is not on a major thoroughfare. It’s not a place one finds by accident. Malik Faisal Akram sought out a Jewish house of worship. He took out his gun and began the standoff during a Shabbat service, while participants were literally facing Jerusalem for the Amidah — the liturgical heart of the Shabbat service. Clarity on recognizing antisemitism whenever it happens, unequivocally calling it out, and mobilizing effective responses are essential to confronting this age-old hatred that continually threatens not only Jews but all of society.
Texas Should Lead, Not Lag In Hate Crimes Reporting
Since nearly one-in-five large cities that do not report or claim zero hate crimes are in Texas, it would be both meaningful and appropriate for our state to play a leadership role in passing legislation to increase reporting accuracy. Mandatory reporting must happen in concert with increased education among the law enforcement and general communities.
Eyes of Nation Are on Tarrant County GOP in Shafi Vote
Members of the Tarrant County GOP should make a clear statement in support of Dr. Shafi by voting to retain him in his duly elected leadership role. The imposition of a religious test to hold any office contravenes our nation’s values and the principles on which the United States was founded.
How a prayer room used by Muslim students supports religious liberty for all
For the past seven years, Muslim students at Liberty High School have been able to use a vacant classroom for prayer services initiated and led by the students. Read about their struggle to maintain religious freedom in the face of politicized prejudice by Texas officials.