Results from AJC’s Survey of American Millennial Jews, a part of AJC’s Surveys of American and Israeli Millennial Jews, conducted by the research company YouGov, is based on online surveys carried out February 9 – March 30, 2022, with a sample of 800 Millennial American Jews (defined between the ages of 25-40). The margin of error is +/- 4.69%. AJC is a non-partisan organization that neither supports nor endorses candidates for elective offices.

1. How much, if at all, is being connected to Israel important to your Jewish identity?

Very important 27.7%
Somewhat important 26.8%
Not too important 22.1%
Not at all important 21.7%
I don't know   1.7%


2.  How well do each of the following statements describe your own experience or views?

2a.  It is ok to distance myself from Israel in order to better fit in among my friends.

Very well 10.0%
Somewhat well 15.9%
Not too well 23.0%
Not well at all 43.2%
I don't know   7.9%


2b.  The anti-Israel climate, on campus or elsewhere, has forced me to hide my Jewish identity.

Very well 10.0%
Somewhat well 12.9%
Not too well 20.5%
Not well at all 41.7%
I don't know   4.1%
I don't think there is
an anti-Israel climate


2c.  The anti-Israel climate, on campuses and elsewhere, has made me rethink my commitment to Israel.

Very well 10.2%
Somewhat well 17.7%
Not too well 13.7%
Not well at all 40.4%
I don't know   5.6%
I don't think there is
an anti-Israel climate


2d.  The anti-Israel climate, on campuses or elsewhere, has damaged my relationships with friends.

Very well   8.3%
Somewhat well 13.4%
Not too well 13.7%
Not well at all 49.5%
I don't know   4.0%
I don't think there is
an anti-Israel climate


3. How important is it that the American Jewish community and Israel maintain close ties?

Very important 48.0%
Somewhat important 24.8%
Not too important 12.7%
Not at all important 10.6%
I don't know   3.9%


4a.  Do you think a strong State of Israel is necessary to the survival of the Jewish people outside Israel?

Very necessary 42.0%
Somewhat necessary 27.6%
Not too necessary 11.9%
Not at all necessary 13.0%
I don't know   5.4%


4b.  Do you think a strong Jewish community outside of Israel is necessary to the survival of Israel?

Very necessary 50.7%
Somewhat necessary 29.5%
Not too necessary   8.4%
Not at all necessary   5.3%
I don't know   6.1%


5.  How appropriate is it for American Jews to try to influence Israeli policy?

Very appropriate 19.8%
Somewhat appropriate 35.5%
Not too appropriate 23.3%
Not at all appropriate 12.9%
I don't know   8.5%


6.  How much responsibility, if any, do you feel you personally have to help fellow Jews in Israel?

A great deal 26.0%
Some 32.8%
Not much 23.5%
None at all 12.3%
I don't know   5.4%


7.  Do you believe that a viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is possible?

Yes 52.3%
No 18.6%
I don't know 29.1%


7a.  Which of the following outcomes would you most favor?
Among those that believe that a viable solution is possible

Two independent Israeli and Palestinian states living side by side 47.0%
One bi-national state with a single government elected 22.5%
Israeli annexation of the West Bank leading to an extension of Israeli sovereignty, but in which Palestinians have a unique civil status and are represented by Palestinian municipal leaders 15.1%
Status quo management of the conflict   3.5%
I don't know   8.6%
None of the above   3.3%


8.  Which of the following definitions best describe your connection to Judaism?

Judaism is a religion, a faith 32.9%
Judaism is a culture, a cultural identity 42.1%
Judaism is an ethnicity 11.4%
Judaism is a nationality   3.3%
I don't know/ none of the above   4.2%
Other   6.0%


9.  How important is speaking Hebrew to Jewish identity?

Very necessary 26.2%
Somewhat necessary 32.2%
Not too necessary 27.2%
Not at all necessary 12.3%
I don't know   2.1%


10.  In general, would you describe your political views as...

Very conservative   8.6%
Conservative 11.0%
Moderate or centrist 19.5%
Liberal 22.6%
Very liberal 16.0%
Progressive 20.6%
I don't know   1.6%


11.  Which of the following categories best describes you, even if none of the options is exactly right?

Very religious 15.1%
Moderately religious 22.1%
Traditional 18.4%
Secular 30.5%
Anti-religious   6.6%
Other   7.3%