Results from AJC’s Survey of Israeli Millennial Jews, a part of AJC’s Surveys of American and Israeli Millennial Jews, conducted by the research company GeoCartography, are based on online surveys carried out February 14 – February 22, 2022, with a national sample of 1000 Millennial Israeli Jews (defined between the ages of 25-40). The margin of error is +/- 3.0%, at a statistical significance level of 95%. AJC is a non-partisan organization that neither supports nor endorses candidates for elective offices.

1. Are you interested in having a deeper relationship with the Jewish American community?

Very interested 15.3%
Somewhat interested 44.8%
Not so much 20.4%
Not at all   4.9%
I don't know 14.7%


2. If you knew an Israeli action could cause harm to the American Jewish community, what would your reaction be?

Send help to the community 10.8%
Protest in front of the government   3.8%
Protest on social media 11.6%
Be interested in reading more about the topic   41.5%
I would do nothing 32.4%


3. According to AJC's 2021 Antisemitism in America report, 1 of every 4 American Jews said they experienced antisemitism in the last year. How much attention do you dedicate to the state of antisemitism in America?

Very much 15.3%
Quite a lot 45.5%
Somewhat 27.1%
Not at all   6.4%
I don't know   5.8%


4. To what degree do you agree or disagree with the following statement: "Israel should consider the wellbeing of American Jews in making its policy decisions?"

Very much   6.7%
Quite a lot 25.6%
Somewhat 39.3%
Not at all 20.0%
I don't know   8.5%


5. Looking ahead five years, do you think that the ties between American and Israeli Jews will be…

Stronger than today 32.4%
Weaker than today 24.1%
About the same as today 43.6%


6. How important is it that the American Jewish community and Israel maintain close ties?

Very important 46.1%
Somewhat important 43.1%
Not too important   5.5%
Not at all important   1.1%
I don't know   4.3%


7a.  Do you think a strong State of Israel is necessary to the survival of the Jewish people outside Israel?

Very necessary 45.1%
Somewhat necessary 34.9%
Not too necessary   9.9%
Not at all necessary   2.4%
I don't know   7.8%


7b.  Do you think a strong Jewish community outside of Israel is necessary to the survival of Israel?

Very necessary 27.8%
Somewhat necessary 41.8%
Not too necessary 18.0%
Not at all necessary   4.0%
I don't know   8.5%


8.  How appropriate is it for American Jews to try to influence Israeli policy?

Very appropriate   3.30%
Somewhat appropriate 19.4%
Not too appropriate 43.4%
Not at all appropriate 26.2%
I don't know   7.8%


9.  How much responsibility, if any, do you feel you personally have to help fellow Jews in the U.S.?

A great deal   8.9%
Some 33.4%
Not much 29.9%
None at all 17.7%
I don't know 10.2%


10.  Do you believe that a viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is possible?

Yes 23.9%
No 56.2%
I don't know 19.9%


10a.  Which of the following outcomes would you most favor?
Among those that believe that a viable solution is possible

Two independent Israeli and Palestinian states living side by side 51.5%
One bi-national state with a single government elected   5.4%
Israeli annexation of the West Bank leading to an extension of Israeli sovereignty, but in which Palestinians have a unique civil status and are represented by Palestinian municipal leaders 18.8%
Status quo management of the conflict   6.3%
I don't know   6.3%
None of the above 11.7%


11.  Which of the following definitions best describe your connection to Judaism?

Judaism is a religion, a faith 37.8%
Judaism is a culture, a cultural identity 23.2%
Judaism is an ethnicity 12.4%
Judaism is a nationality 20.1%
I don't know/ none of the above   3.4%
Other   3.2%


12.  How important is speaking Hebrew to Jewish identity?

Very necessary 48.5%
Somewhat necessary 32.4%
Not too necessary 13.2%
Not at all necessary   3.0%
I don't know   3.0%


13.  Throughout your life, have you ever learned about the Jewish Diaspora? If yes, where?

School 50.3%
Youth movement or extracurriculars   9.7%
Summer camp   5.8%
Military/National Service 16.9%
University/College 14.9%
In a program with American participants (Taglit-Birthright, etc.)   9.7%
Working with the American Jewish Community (shlihut - cultural emissary work, volunteering, gap year)   3.8%
Resided in the U.S. for an extended period   3.4%
Friends/Family 24.0%
TV and film 26.3%
Elsewhere   5.5%
None of the above 24.8%


14.  Using the metaphor of a family, do you consider American Jews as your…

Siblings 23.1%
First cousins 19.6%
Extended family 49.9%
Not part of my family 10.5%