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Tell Amazon: Remove Antisemitism from its platform
Urge Amazon to Remove Antisemitic Film and Book Shared by Kyrie Irving

Take Action: urge Amazon to reaffirm its commitment to fight antisemitism

Photo of the White House
Urge the White House to Convene a Summit on Antisemitism

Take Action Against Domestic Antisemitism

Stand with Ukraine - AJC - American Jewish Committee
Stand with Ukraine

Call on Congress to counter Russia’s unprovoked invasion and to implement critical measures to support Ukraine.

U.S. and Israeli flags waving
Urge Congress to Strengthen the U.S.-Israel Alliance

Encourage members of Congress to reassert their support for the Jewish state

Photo of an Erase Hate sign with someone holding an American flag
Hate-Fueled Attacks Demand Action

Urge Congress to fund the NO HATE Act today!

Photo of Iranian Flag and a missile
Take Action Against Iran’s Aggression

Urge Congress to act against Iran's destructive behavior

Photo of Hezbollah attach on bus
Urge the European Union to Crack Down on Hezbollah Terror

Ask Congress to urge the Europeans to designate all of Hezbollah a terrorist organization