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Bombing over Jerusalem
Urge the Senate to Replenish Israel’s Life-Saving Iron Dome System

Take Action to Safeguard Israel's Future Existence

Rockets over Israel - Act Now to Stop Hamas
Cut Off Hamas’s Terror Funds

Encourage your members of Congress to support the Hamas International Financing Prevention Act (H.R.3685)

Burning Jewish Star
Take Action to Combat Antisemitism

Urge all members of Congress to make countering antisemitism a priority

Mayors United Against Antisemitism
Take Action to Counter Rising Jew-Hatred

Urge Mayors to Stand Against Rising Antisemitism and Thank Those Who Have

Photo of Hezbollah attach on bus
Urge the European Union to Crack Down on Hezbollah Terror

Ask Congress to urge the Europeans to designate all of Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Photo of a child with border agents at the Texas border
Take Action to Protect Immigrants and Asylum-Seekers

Urge Congress to create comprehensive, trans-national solutions to address immigration and stabilize the Western Hemisphere