What You Need to Know About Antisemitism in America 2022
American Jewish Committee’s annual State of Antisemitism in America report assesses and compares Jewish and general population perceptions of and experiences with antisemitism in the United States.
Behind the Numbers: Young American Jews’ Encounters with Antisemitism
AJC added questions to its State of Antisemitism in America Report 2022 for young American Jews who currently or recently attended college or those who had children attending college. Here are some of the stories that give voice to the report’s findings.
5 Key Takeaways from AJC’s State of Antisemitism in America Report 2022 
Here are five key takeaways from AJC’s State of Antisemitism in America Report 2022, the most comprehensive of its kind.
AJC's Tough Questions Series
Find answers to burning questions on the difficult issues and topics that matter to the Jewish people and Israel. Our goal is to provide accurate and detailed responses that will help educate, inform, and dispel misinformation.
Top 5 Takeaways from AJC’s Call to Action Against Antisemitism
The release of AJC’s Call to Action Against Antisemitism: A Society-Wide Nonpartisan Guide for America seeks to mobilize and unite American leadership in all sectors of society to understand, respond to, and prevent antisemitism.
5 Reasons Why the BDS Mapping Project is Dangerous for Jews (and Everyone Else)
Here are five reasons why the Mapping Project is not only a dangerous threat for Jews, but also for everyone else.
Anti-Zionism Doesn’t Fit the Passover Story
While Passover traditions have evolved through time, most are organized around the same ritual...
Understanding the Origins of Antisemitism
When you think about the antisemitism definition or what is antisemitism, it's vital to look back at the historical progression of the world’s most ancient hatred. 
10 Tough Questions on Antisemitism Explained
What are the origins and sources of antisemitism, what is the antisemitism definition, what does it look like today, and what does Israel have to do with it? Here are the answers to 10 tough questions about Jew-hatred and a look at "why people hate Jews."
The State of Antisemitism Around the Globe
We asked AJC experts to share their insights about nine international communities where particular expressions of Jew hatred are on the rise. Here are just some of the hot spots.
The State of Antisemitism in Eastern Europe
Unlike in other European countries, Jews in Ukraine generally do not face acts of violence or public condemnations of Israel. But traditional stereotypes of Jews persist.
The State of Antisemitism in the Middle East
Over the past century, antisemitism has become commonplace in many parts of the Middle East, including Iraq and Yemen. Myths and conspiracy theories that arose in Europe were imported and altered to blame Jews for many societal problems across the region.
The State of Antisemitism in Asia-Pacific
Despite a miniscule Jewish population, hatred and suspicion of Jews is prevalent in Indonesia – home to the world’s largest Muslim population
The State of Antisemitism in Africa
Antisemitism isn’t widespread across the African continent largely because there is no Jewish population there to marginalize and people are largely ignorant of what it means to be a modern, secular Jew. But the apartheid history of South Africa sets the southernmost tip apart from the rest of the continent. There, antisemitism is often prevalent in the form of anti-Israel rhetoric.
The State of Antisemitism in Scandinavia
Movements to ban infant circumcision have swept through Iceland, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, threatening to make it difficult for Jews to practice their faith and continue to call Europe home. Other, more violent trends have swept through the Nordic countries, as well.
The State of Antisemitism in Germany
Though German leaders prioritize the protection of Jews as part of Germany’s Staatsräson, or national interest, the reality on the ground is grim.
The State of Antisemitism in Central Europe
Antisemitism is nothing new in Poland. But state-sanctioned antisemitism in the form of historical revisionism and politicizing the question of property restitution have emerged most recently as primary challenges for the Jewish community.
The State of Antisemitism in Latin America
Chile has become a dangerous place to be Jewish. Simply put, there is no stigma for antisemites.
The State of Antisemitism in France
From the children ruthlessly gunned down at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012 to the savage stabbing of an elderly Holocaust survivor in Paris in 2018, it is hardly a shock that a majority of French Jews and the general public believe that anti-Jewish hatred is on the rise.