During Jewish American Heritage Month (2022), American Jewish Committee (AJC) released a series of powerful videos featuring young AJC team members focused on the question “what does being Jewish mean to you?” Each video unpacks another layer behind American Jewry and helps shed light on the many different ways a person can be #JewishandProud.

Choosing to be #JewishandProud

Naomi Ravick unpacks the central role Judaism plays in her multifaceted identity.


Zionism is my Judaism

Deena Fisch talks about the centrality of Israel to her Jewish identity and the prominent role the Jewish state plays in her life.


A Tradition of Questions

Brian Hertz touches on how Judaism’s tradition of asking questions and debating causes him to keep an open mind when tackling life’s challenges and opportunities.


Meaning to the Everyday

Sarah van Loon unpacks how Judaism and Shabbat provide structure, meaning, and purpose to her everyday life and the wider Jewish community.


A Sense of Belonging

Jillian Laskowitz reflects on how Jewish culture, religion, and language connect all Jews to one another.



For more on AJC's #JewishandProud Month, go to AJC.org/JewishandProud.

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