On October 7, Hamas terrorists waged the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust. Since the attack, the United States has seen a dramatic and dangerous surge in antisemitic incidents with SCN, the central organization dedicated to the safety and security of the North American Jewish community, documenting 2,628 incidents between October 7 and the end of the year. How have the events of October 7 impacted American Jews’ perceptions of antisemitism in the United States? Compared to one year ago, do American Jews feel less secure? Have American Jews altered their behavior on campus or in the workplace due to concerns about rising antisemitism? And how do these issues resonate with the American general public? Join Holly Huffnagle, AJC U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism, Laura Shaw Frank, AJC National Director of Contemporary Jewish Life, and Julie Rayman, AJC Managing Director of Policy and Political Affairs, to answer these questions and more and to hear how newly acquired information will guide AJC’s decisions and advocacy for months to come.


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