This week marks the one-year anniversary of normalized relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This historic agreement, known as the Abraham Accords, would soon grow to include Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan. In one fell swoop, the number of Arab countries Israel had formal relations with tripled from two (Egypt and Jordan) to six. With us to discuss this pivotal moment and the future of Israeli-Arab engagement is Ambassador Eitan Na’eh, head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Abu Dhabi - formally dedicated just six weeks ago.

Then, Manya Brachear Pashman and Avi Mayer discuss Jews in sports and the Jewish Olympic athletes that brought them pride and joy in the games that ended last week in Tokyo, including Linoy Ashram, Artem Dolgopyat, and Jessica Fox.

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Episode Lineup

  • (0:40) Eitan Na’eh
  • (19:10) Manya Brachear Pashman and Avi Mayer