Before, during, and after the Holocaust, antisemitism spread throughout American society. AJC’s innovative multimedia campaign to counter this rising hatred is the subject of “Confronting Hate: 1937-1952,” an exhibit at the New York Historical Society. With posters, comic books, newspaper advertisements, radio spots, and television cartoons, that, since 1952, have not been seen by the public, join Charlotte Bonelli, Director of AJC's Archives and Records Center, and Debra Schmidt Bach, Curator of Decorative Arts and Special Exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society, for a behind-the-scenes tour, recorded live from the exhibit. Hear original radio clips: “Uncle Don’s All-American Contest,” “Dear Adolf,” and a historic, moving 1944 NBC Radio broadcast in cooperation with AJC, which aired the first Jewish religious broadcast from Germany since the rise of Hitler, straight from a battlefield in Aachen, Germany.

Episode Lineup:

  • (0:00) Dana Steiner
  • (2:00) Charlotte Bonelli and Debra Schmidt Bach

Show Notes:

If you’re alarmed by rising antisemitism, you can take action right now by supporting AJC: visit, or text AJC DONATE to 52886.

Visit the New York Historical Society to see “Confronting Hate 1937–1952” open through January 1, 2023.

Interested in bringing “Confronting Hate 1937–1952” to your museum or institution, free or charge? Contact Emily Croll, Deputy Museum Director at, or (212) 873-3400 x527.

AJC’s William E. Wiener Oral History Library: listen to the oral histories of Milton Krents, Richard Rothschild and Ethel Phillips, which helped inform the exhibit.

AJC Archives

Uncle Don's All American Contest

Broadcasting from the Battlefield

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