Following a threat by X owner Elon Musk to sue ADL for defamation, American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutch issued this statement:

“Like ADL, AJC and the global Jewish community have been fighting rising antisemitism online and in the public square, a goal all social media companies should share.

Online platforms must realize that pronouncements against antisemitism by senior executives, in this case Elon Musk, aren’t enough to prevent its spread -- not when 69% of U.S. Jews experienced antisemitism online in the past year.

As X CEO Linda Yaccarino and I discussed just last month, creating a reporting mechanism to specifically identify antisemitism will help build a welcoming - and safe - virtual town square.

Pointing out the rampant antisemitism on X is not “controlling” anyone or threatening X’s business. Platforming bigotry is.

Antisemitism cannot be normalized or tolerated—not on social media nor in real life.”



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