Another National Tragedy for Argentina

Two decades ago, terrorists murdered 85 people when they blew up a Jewish community center in Argentina. On Monday, the attack may have claimed its 86th victim. Read more

Top 3 Reasons the Japanese PM's Israel Visit is So Important

Japan's burgeoning partnership with Israel is an important step in the right direction. Read more

Send a Message of Solidarity to France's Jewish Community

After an Islamist terror attack on a French magazine, a second attack targeted France's Jewish community. Sign AJC's letter


  • Nisman's Death Raises Questions, Suspicions
  • David Harris and Dina Siegel Vann in Miami Herald
  • David HarrisFor the AMIA victims, the survivors and their families, next July will mark 21 years of justice delayed and, therefore, justice denied.

  • Jews Face New Fears in Europe
  • Simone Rodan-Benzaquen on NPR’s Here & Now
  • SIMONE RODAN-BENZAQUEN The killing of four French Jews has deepened fears among European Jewish communities shaken by rising anti-Semitism and feeling vulnerable due to poor security.

  • After the Attacks in France, What Next?
  • Nita Lowey and David Harris in Huffington Post and Times of Israel
  • David HarrisWhen Jews start marching with their feet out of Europe - as has happened in recent years, most notably in France - it should be a wake-up call for European leaders.

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