AJC's Call to Action on Anti-Semitism in Europe

Read and add your name to AJC's just released Call to Action, which calls on the EU and its member states to take specific steps to combat anti-Semitism. Take Action

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Israel and Germany: A Most Unlikely Partnership

In honor of 50 years of diplomatic ties between Israel and Germany, here are 8 crucial moments in the relationship between the two great countries. Read more


  • The Diplomatic Dance and the Iranian Threat
  • Lawrence Grossman in Times of Israel
  • Lawrence GrossmanIt turns out that America's Sunni allies in the region are just as worried as the Israelis.They perceive the Americans tilting toward Iran in the delicate Middle East balance of power.

  • Miamians forge bonds with Israel's tech innovators
  • Matt Haggman and Brian Siegal in Miami Herald
  • Brian SiegalThe trip provided a unique opportunity for leaders in Miami’s burgeoning entrepreneurial community to understand what’s behind the success of the country dubbed "Startup Nation."

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