American Jewish Committee (AJC) congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on successfully forming a new coalition government in Israel. The government, sworn in yesterday, is the result of an agreement between Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, head of the Blue and White Party, to create a national unity government. Netanyahu will serve as prime minister for the first 18 months, and Gantz is slated to become prime minister in November 2021.

“On behalf of AJC, we extend to you our heartfelt congratulations on the inauguration of a new Israeli Government under your leadership,” wrote AJC President Harriet Schleifer and CEO David Harris in a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu. “As Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, you have proven, time and again, your remarkable leadership skills, maintaining your country’s security in a volatile region, and leading it to exceptional achievements in the areas of science, technology, education, medicine, and more.”

Formation of the national unity government came after Israelis went to the polls on March 2, for the third time in a year.

“We wish you and your coalition partners every success in your endeavors to assure Israel the progress your countrymen deserve toward enduring peace, security, and prosperity – as well as a swift recovery from the health and economic effects of the pandemic. In these endeavors, you will continue to have the full and active support of AJC,” Schleifer and Harris wrote.

AJC, the leading global Jewish advocacy organization, has maintained an office in Jerusalem since 1960, and in 2018 held its annual Global Forum in Israel, bringing to Jerusalem thousands of members and supporters. Prime Minister Netanyahu memorably addressed the AJC Global Forum during the opening session, as he has on other occasions both before and since 2018.

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