Israel’s fight against Hamas is part of a larger battle that affects us all. Hamas is supported by Iran and is protected in international fora by Russia and China. Today, Russia and China defended Hamas’ interests at the UN Security Council. Those demanding an immediate, unconditional ceasefire willfully ignore that it is Hamas terrorists who stand in the way of an end to the war. 

Five and a half months since Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel – the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust – Israel continues to fight to return home the remaining 134 hostages and prevent Hamas from being able to launch terror attacks on Israeli civilians ever again. The world should support that fight.

Every day since Israel’s self-defensive military action began, this war could have ended. Hamas could have released the hostages, stopped firing missiles to kill more Israelis, and surrendered. Instead, both the Israeli and Palestinian people continue to suffer. Anti-Israel animus cannot be allowed to cloud the world’s judgment as to how we got here. The war continues because Hamas – an internationally recognized terror organization – places higher value on killing Jews than on protecting Palestinian civilians. The American people understand this, as the latest polling data shows that 58% of Americans say Israel’s reasons for fighting Hamas are valid.

The international community must continue to support Israel’s right to self-defense and to take every necessary action to free the hostages, even as it works to ensure humanitarian assistance reaches Palestinian civilians in Gaza. UN Security Council resolutions must take into account complex realities.

We count on the United States and its allies to continue to stand with Israel in its fight against Hamas. A better future for Israelis and Palestinians will only be possible when Hamas releases the hostages, lays down its weapons, and is removed from power.


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