Jewish American Heritage Month is the perfect time to tune in and subscribe to Jewish and Israel-themed podcasts. Discover the vibrancy and diversity of Jewish culture through these eight podcasts that explore the incredible contributions and rich history of the Jewish people.

1. Israel’s most popular podcast, Israel Story, is now in its seventh season, and tells extraordinary stories about ordinary Israelis. Hosted by Mishy Harman, the bi-weekly show is the Israeli equivalent of NPR’s “This American Life.”

2. For stories about American Jews, tune into Unorthodox, a podcast by the team at Tablet Magazine. This year the team launched an adventure in American Jewish geography, visiting a dozen American cities.

3 & 4. For perspectives on current events and issues that affect American Jews, listen to AJC’s weekly interviews on People of the Pod or the Shalom Hartman Institute’s podcast Identity/Crisis.

5. The world has overlooked an important episode in modern history: the 800,000 Jews who left or were driven from their homes in Arab nations and Iran in the mid-20th century to forge new lives for themselves and future generations. AJC’s award-winning podcast, The Forgotten Exodus, explores the lessons we can learn from this pivotal moment of Jewish history. 

6. Chutzpod! is a weekly podcast for people of all or no faiths in which Rabbi Shira Stutman, Joshua Malina, and guests bring a Jewish lens to life's toughest questions and, in the most Jewish way possible, argue about everything under the sun.

7. One of the longest-running English podcasts in Israel, the Two Nice Jewish Boys Podcast is a weekly dose of open conversations. Hosted by Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein, it covers everything from politics and history to entertainment and science. 

8. Jewish Women’s Archive’s Can We Talk? features monthly stories and conversations about Jewish women and the issues that shape their public and private lives.