Ukraine is under attack. America and our allies must act.

As the first Jewish organization in the world to support the restoration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, American Jewish Committee (AJC) stands in full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and remains committed to Ukraine’s full sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Join us in taking action now: Click here to urge your members of Congress to stand with Ukraine and sanction Russia.

Here are five reasons to act now:

  1. The stakes are high: Russia’s aggression and its human rights violations both inside and outside of its borders threaten regional and global stability and the rules-based international order.
  2. The implications are far-reaching: If Russia is not punished, additional threats to global security from other bad actors could emerge. Such an attack only emboldens Pyongyang, Beijing, and Tehran.
  3. This is an assault on democracy and Western values: We must stand with democratic Ukraine as it defends itself against tyrannical Russia.
  4. Russia’s assault directly impacts Ukraine’s Jews: Ukraine’s large Jewish community, 300,000 strong, has endured countless assaults throughout history. AJC is a partner organization of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine. We are in close touch with Jewish communal leadership to monitor the situation and support them in every way we can.
  5. AJC is calling on America to lead: The international community must respond to Russia’s brazen behavior with strength and an unwavering commitment to the Ukrainian people. The U.S. Congress can lead and guide our allies towards a united response to convince Moscow that this illegal incursion is not worth the cost.

Click here to urge your members of Congress to stand with Ukraine and sanction Russia.