Articles by Dina Siegel Vann

Iran must be brought to justice for the AMIA bombing - opinion
While Israel is actively engaged in holding the October 7 perpetrators accountable, Argentina’s Jewish community and all of society are waiting for answers.
She Fought Not To Forget
Sara Rus once said, “When I tell my story, I don’t feel pain. On the contrary, I feel liberated. I want to recount it and I feel that I should because there are few survivors left.”
Latino-Jewish Cooperation During COVID-19
Simultaneous crises of the pandemic, economic decline and the consequences of systemic racism are straining the fabric of American society. The relationship between U.S. Latinos and Jews may offer a model for pulling together disparate communities in challenging times.
COVID-19 and the Increase in Antisemitism
As if the dramatic dislocations and political, socioeconomic, and psychological repercussions - at a collective and individual level - caused by covid-19 were not enough, the months of isolation and obsessive connection with social media have witnessed an increase in conspiratorial voices.
25 Years since the AMIA Bombing: Hezbollah and Antisemitism
The upcoming anniversary presents an unparalleled opportunity for all countries in Latin America to openly denounce Hezbollah for what it is: a terrorist organization  

Summit of the Americas
At a time when the world is polarized, and our region faces challenges of all kinds, multilateral efforts to achieve common objectives, such as the Summit of the Americas now underway in Lima, Peru, should be welcomed – and called on to deliver results.
What Should We Make Of Netanyahu’s Upcoming Visit To Latin America ?
Relations between Latin America and Israel are about to get an important boost. For the first time since the founding of the Jewish state in May 1948, its sitting prime minister will visit the region.
Latino and Jewish, in the Eye of the U.S. Election Race-hate Storm
Latino Jews in the United States have been watching this year’s presidential campaign with both eagerness and foreboding.