We, the participants of the Strategic Forum for Leaders of Ibero-American Jewish Communities  convened in Santiago, Chile, by the Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs of the  American Jewish Committee (AJC) from December 3 to 5, 2023.

  1. Reaffirm our commitment to the fight against antisemitism. We urge the governments of our  countries to strengthen their efforts to confront this scourge through the most effective educational  and legal instruments, including the promulgation and/or expansion of existing legislation  combating discrimination and incitement to hatred; adoption of the Holocaust Remembrance  International Alliance's (IHRA) Definition of Antisemitism; and designation of Hamas and  Hezbollah as terrorist organizations, following the example of the Organization of American  States. 
  2. Express our condolences for the civilian lives taken by Hamas’ terrorism and support the right  of the State of Israel to legitimately defend its borders and its citizens. In this sense, we urge our  countries and the international community to put pressure on Hamas and its collaborators for the  continued release of the remaining hostages kidnapped since that fateful October 7. 
  3. Urge that once calm is restored in Gaza and in all of Israel, novel ways are defined to guarantee  the security of the Jewish State in the face of regional threats. Likewise, we express our desire that  the Abraham Accords be strengthened and the circle of peace in the Middle East continue to  expand. 
  4. Endorse our unwavering commitment to democratic values, human rights, and the fight against  all types of discrimination.
  5. Reiterate our willingness to help promote collaboration and coordination between our states  and institutions to guarantee the optimal development of Jewish communities in Ibero-America as  integral and enriching parts of each society to which they belong. 

Santiago de Chile, December 5, 2023

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