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Alexander Young Leadership Associate 

AJC Atlanta's Alexander Young Leadership Associate is at the forefront of engaging with young leaders, overseeing initiatives such as ACCESS, AJC’s young professional division, Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT), the Jewish advocacy training program for high school students, and campus engagement. In this pivotal role, you will have the unique chance to shape the future of global Jewish advocacy by working closely with young professionals, college and high school students dedicated to advocating for Israel, combating antisemitism, and building coalitions with allies across the community.

Testimonials from AJC Atlanta lay leaders (volunteers), program participants, students, and professionals: 

"What you do matters. Not only in the battles you fight today, but the seeds that you plant for all of our futures. We cannot thank you enough. Our entire family has learned a great deal from getting to know and starting to work with AJC. We appreciate you very much." -AJC Atlanta Board Member

"Let me just say how incredibly grateful I am for you suggesting I attend Project Understanding.  It was so powerful and I am excited to continue to lead the charge in this work. The sessions were engaging, the people were authentic and interesting and I made connections that I am sure will stay with me for a lifetime." -Project Understanding (Black/Jewish Leadership Retreat) Participant

"First, I want to thank all of you for the journey that our child started with AJC. You are a positive force in his development and you helped him grow and mature as a person. I definitely believe in the it takes a village mantra. Please enjoy his success because you were all a big part of it." -Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) Parents 

"We are proud of the critical work that AJC is doing in combating racism and antisemitism.  Please know that you have an ally and a thought partner in us.  We commend you for your continued commitment to these issues." -AJC Atlanta Board Member

"Thank you so much for offering me the experience of a lifetime. Being a part of this group has exposed me to different ideas and problems, and I am only a better person because of it. This program has meant the world for me, learning how to advocate for myself, the Jewish community, and the Black community is such an important skill for me to have, and I hope to pass this knowledge onto others in the future. Thanks again for the experience of a lifetime. I wish both of you the best of luck in whatever comes next." -Black/Jewish Teen Initiative Alumnus 

"I am very excited to tell you that I was accepted to be a Goldman Fellow for the DC office! I am honored to be a part of shaping the program that was so pivotal to my development as a young Jewish advocate. I am so thankful for your roles in LFT and my college decision-making process, sorority rushing, and now this. You both are such amazing role models, and I am beyond honored to become part of the AJC team." -LFT Alumna & AJC Goldman Fellow

"Working for AJC Atlanta has shaped me into the person I am today. Every day I feel fortunate to work for an organization whose mission directly aligns with my values, and that prioritizes staff development and advancement. And of course, having the opportunity to work with my very talented colleagues. Thank you, AJC, for your impact on every level." -Julie Katz, AJC Atlanta Associate Director 


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